Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Still waiting.....

I have never been very good at waiting.... but it seems I have no choice.

Friday when I went to do the blood work I thought I would find out Monday the results.

Monday, I called and they told me that all the test results were sent to Houston for processing and since no one was there to work over the weekend they would not be processed until Monday and that they would be back on Tuesday.

Well, today is Tuesday and on our way home from the park this morning I called the Dr to see - hoping that I woudl get the good news I have been hoping for....

I left a voice mail and a little later before I got home the cell phone rang... it was the nurse saying that "Yes, the test results are back but.... she isn't allowed to read them and that the Dr won't have time to read them today until after she is done seeing patients and will call me TOMORROW with the results."

URGH! I feel so silly senting out dozens fo emails to all those who have responded to my prayer request without any information to tell them yet - only that I don't know.... but I hate keeping them waiting like me. I hope they don't think I forgot to tell them the news.

I do appreciate all the thoughts & prayers for me and the twins. I do feel at peace that what ever the results - it will all be OK. God is in control! :c) ~Bonnie

1 comment:

  1. Yes, He is! :) Keeping you in my T&P's until you get the word we are all hoping for!
    Hugs from the westside!


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