Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Our Long weekend!

The following post was drafted up on Tuesday... 5/29/07
OK, a few of you asked for before photos - so here I am and here is my baby bump! ;)

I took advantage of the long Memorial Day Weekend with my husband and GOT A LOT done that so badly needed to be done around the house this weekend! Saturday, David and I pre-registered and toured both hospitals that we may be delivering at. That took all morning Saturday but was worth it - will save us some time and at least now we know where to go - and what door to use after hours.

My best friend also came over Monday and "gave me 3.5 hours" of her time for me to have her do anything we needed! Which was a fantastic gift!!! She's the same friend that came one day last week and helped me do inventory of all 1600 FQ's from the BINGO and get them sorted and bagged up. :)

First, while it was early and before the sun got too hot, she and David spent a good hour putting things up into the attic. He and I had spent two days going thru 10 years of "STUFF" we thought we "needed to keep". It wasn't easy going thru all of that... but both of us have nothing left stored at our parents homes...and until now that room and closet has been our storage space...... so we had to comb thru it all and make decisions on to keep or store or toss. It wasn't easy but HAD to be done so the twins could have a closet!

After that, she and I hung up the wallpaper border up on the walls in the nursery - the room is looking soooo good now! The walls have been painted and ready for over a month now but David and I were "stuck" there b/c he had never did wallpaper before and played the whole "I don't know what to do" act - to get out of having to do it.... I had already come to terms that babies don't know what's on the walls so it won't matter but really was wanting it up....so that when we have visitors they would see a nice looking room.... However, it probably was a good thing that "HE AND I" didn't do it together or it would not have been near as fun as Heidi and I. That is more of a "girlfriend thing" to do together - you won't dare yell at your friend or frustrated as easy as you would with your spouse... ya know?

SIDE-Story here.... I used this photo to share with you for the wallpaper b/c in the bouncy seat is a very special bear - he was made out of an old quilt that use to be at the foot of my elderly neighbor's bed. I visited Ms Gardner a few times every week growing up - her home was the next one down the road and walking there was like going on an adventure. If I was lucky I got there before she had fed her chickens and she would let me help. Anyway after she died... her son threw EVERYTHING out for the garbage men to pick up including this quilt!!

It was on the top of the pile and that is why my mom and I saw it and had been in the rain over the weekend. We brought it home washed it and for year's didn't know what to do with it... it was in bad shape. Who knows how old it is? Anyway my grandmother had a teddy bear pattern but being too afraid to use her machine on such thick layers - had one of her friends with a heavy duty machine make the bears for us. There was just enough quilt to make a total of 3 bears, one for me, one for my grandma and one for the lady who sewed them to keep one. I now have 2 of the bears.... when my grandmother passed away that was one of the things I asked for. One is in the nursery and one is in the hallway on Nora's timeout bench.

It really looks like a nursery now after all the work we did over the weekend. David set up one of the beds in their room (which Nora loves the mobile!) and Heidi and he moved Nora's dresser in there (she'll get a new white one to match her bed soon) and I moved the changing table into the room - drug it... it wasn't heavy. It was fun to go thru Nora's clothes again and get them ready and set up in the dresser. My friend Tracie in GA mailed me two large garbage bags full of boy clothes and that was fun to go thru also. These babies are gonna be the best dresses kidos in Texas!!!

woops - wrong photo - these pink ones were Nora's 0-3 months

Just outside the nursery, I set up a diaper inventory in the small closet - we have a lot of packages but I am afraid we don't have near enough - I read on average twins go thru 120 diapers a week...so based on that, we only have about 3 weeks work in the Newborn size.... but I guess I can exchange larger size boxes for the sizes we need as we received a variety of brands and sizes (up to size 4) from our shower.

I am so glad that we are finished setting up the nursery! What a stress relief! David put the double stroller together and even got the car seats in the van so now we are "ready" to bring them home. Two changing tables set up - one in their room and one downstairs...

Last night we made a trip over to Target and bought some last minute needed things - miscellaneous things like a fan (noise maker) and CD player for the babies' room, mirrors to see them while they ride rear facing in the van...I even bought a stylish diaper bag which I never had with Nora. I'm not sure if I will keep it or not yet... seems so big and I always made fun of the mom's who had to carry a suitcase around with them... can't you just have all that stuff in the car in case you really must have it and just take along a few diapers and change of clothes with you when you go places???

We also bought a bookcase for Nora's room that was on sale (which I HOPE David puts together tonight!) b/c all her books are piled up in the floor and now since her dresser is gone there is no where to set her lamp or CD player.

We still have one more crib to set up in our room that they will sleep together in at first that we didn't get to over the weekend and also I think we need to set up the pack-n-play in the den so I have somewhere to put them while downstairs. This time is going to be more challenging living in a two story home... :(

It is POURING cats and DOGS here right now... and I am waiting for it to let up before I leave to run errands and go to the ship-it-store to mail the FQ Bingo boxes. Until then, I am doing my usual "Monday" chores b/c David was home yesterday and it never seemed like Monday so now I am a day behind... so I have to get a handle on the laundry!! but it is fun to wash up all the baby stuff :)

My other two goals for today are to pack my bag for the hospital and put it in the van and make out the Calling List/email list for announcing that the twins have arrived! :D


  1. Bonnie, you look great!! I'm so excited for you. :) Hard to believe that in a week they're gonna be here! I know you'll be busy, but I sure hope you'll update us every so often. :)

  2. I have to say that I am a faithful reader but rare commenter :) You look GREAT GIRL! I am so excited for you! Nora is so pretty and I know the twins will be too. I cant wait to read your birth story and see pics. Yay on hopefully getting a better date! xoxo melzie :)

  3. You are one very pretty pregnant lady! That photo of Nora gazing into the crib is a tender and sweet shot, for everything that it represents. Best wishes to all of you! ~hugs!~

  4. Sending warm thoughts and many prayers from the west! You look mah-vel-ous!!! :)
    Good luck!

    ~just me
    your westside friend ;)


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