Saturday, April 21, 2007

Two Peas in a Pod

Today my closest girlfriends honored David, Nora and I with a baby shower for the twins. The theme was, “Two Peas in a Pod.” You will be amazed at my friend Cathi's creation of the perfect 3-D cake!!! I have to show you a close up of it! ...and the babies are sitting on her creation of a "quilt" made of icing she said - b/c she knew I liked quilts!!! How neat is that!

Here is a diaper center piece that Lisa made up for the gift table... see the two baby peas in a pod? :c)
From the cake to the diaper raffle everything was so well thought out and perfect! We had a great time and it was a lot of fun!!! I have only been here in TX right at 2 years and although I don't have "a lot" of friends, the ones I do have are the BEST in TEXAS!!! :c)

Below, is a scanned image of the shower invitation that Melanie Made - they included this little card too that told about the "diaper raffle" and to skip the fancy gift wrappings - click on it to make it larger to read... Their idea for the diaper raffle was great! I had never heard of such! The diapers we certainly need and we will put to good use!!! Here is a photo of the gift basket that was won by Cassi. Full of vanilla smell-good goodies!
Again, I must say I was so honored today - God has truly blessed me with the opportunity to have met and get to know each of these women I now call my friends here in Texas!!! They are so fun to be around and very generous to me. I just don't know what I would do without them! ......actually I do know - I would still be VERY lonely and still praying to meet some friends - just like 2 years ago before I met them! ;c)


  1. What a wonderful expression of love and friendship...and so much creativity. Congratulations on the twins...can't wait to hear all about them when they arrive.

  2. You are blessed indeed. Congratualtions, the decorations are simply adorable~ and I know how much fun this was. Best wishes to all of you in the homestretch of this pregnancy!


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