Sunday, April 1, 2007

two more photos!

Oh I can't resist - we are done with bath time, but I had to come back and make one more quick post before I retire for the night. ;c) I have to show you the two sweetest photos that were taken last month and that I got around to scanning this weekend into the computer.

My OBGYN had me go to a Dr. in Houston for a high defition ultrasound and while scanning he took 4-D photos of each of the twins faces! I have never seen such amazing photos!!! It's too hard to tell yet "who" they look like - to me they just look like babies. Only 10 more weeks until we get to see them for REAL and touch them, and hold them, and smell them, and change them, and feed them, and LOVE THEM FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES :c)

Baby "A" = Olivia Maelee

Baby "B" = Paul ThomasThey are each just over 2 pounds right now and very active! Especially Paul Thomas - he is a super good kicker! As of the last appointment - Olivia is in the breach position and Paul Thomas is sideways with his head located just under my right breast and feet under my left breast.

I have to also show you one of the gifts I received this week in the mail for the twins. One of the FQ Bingo players made these for the babies. They are super soft!

Aren't quilters the most thoughtful and generous people in the world??? It touches my heart so much to think that she would take the time to make these for me - someone whom I have never met.


  1. Ohh, I'm so glad you found your camera! I agree, it's harder to post without fun pictures.

    10 weeks left?! I swear... you were just announcing your pregnancy the other month. :)

  2. Yeah for Nora for finding (hiding) the camera! It always feels so great to find something that is long lost and written off as gone for good. Your twins look amazing...can't believe what great shots of thier faces you got to see. How fun! Also, the 30's quilt is really neat. I love all the different sizes of blocks and strips that fill in the between spaces. I love all the 30's prints and that is a great way to get more of those lucious fabrics into one quilt. Great work - I can't wait to see it all together!

  3. I'm with Leah. I can't believe you have 10 weeks to go. Those ultra sound pictures are awesome. So much has changes since my boys were born. I love the names you've chosen from them.

  4. Great baby photos, isn't technology amazing.
    Well done on the camera find, I would only have found it when I bought a new one.
    Are those cuddle blankies with ribbon for sucking and touching? that's what they look like. Cool idea. Tracey


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