Monday, April 16, 2007

Tulips from Holland

Well my trip to Holland was sew much fun! Here is the 1st row of my "Tulips" from Holland, that I got done Saturday. Nothing like I had expected - I knew it would be fun but this was even better! Who knew that 5 hours could pass by so quickly!!! Now, I know what I have been missing out on all these months.... too bad I didn't start traveling last year b/c now that the twins are coming my travel time is gone!

Maybe this can become an annual event? and I do it again next year for my birthday - after all the twins will be 1 by then and surly David will have a handle on them by then... Only next time I want my friend Heidi to spend the day with me and make a mystery quilt too! :c)

I arrived a little late - thanks to David wanting to drive me there - (35 min. drive) so I was postponed with having to help get Nora ready for the day.... honestly, I think he is too scared to attempt to fix her hair! LOL Seriously, he wanted to take her to I-HOP and it was just across the street so it worked out fine for him to take and drop me off. :) Plus, another bonus was that with him dropping me off was I didn't have to lift or carry my machine - and I think that was real important to him... he is "Mr Safety" after all! :c)

Arriving late wasn't a good thing for me... b/c being the competitive person I am - and YES, I know mystery quilts are NOT a race - but for the first hour I was speedy every chance I could get so that I could get caught up with everyone else. I was so pleased at the end of the day to have completed my 1st row of tulips! Out of the 20-25 travelers - there were only 5 of us who completed "a row." Many of the others were lucky to get "a tulip" together as they spent a lot of time chit-chatting. :)

After I got home Saturday - I was lucky that Nora and her Daddy were working outside and I got another 2 hours alone to spend in my sewing room and completed all 56 tulips for the quilt! There will be 8 of each of the 7 colors. I haven't started to put together any more rows - as this project is not a priority. It is now added to my "to-do" list b/c I spent money on buying all the fabrics for the final boarders!!! and so I will have to get it done.

Months from now, when the time does comes and I get back to working on these tulips - PLEASE someone remind me that the LQS owner/mystery instructor INSISTED that the best way to set them was RANDOM!!! I have a hard time with "random" as I like to plan everything out. LOL

Oh, and the food was sooooooooooooo GOOD!!! I forget everything on the menu but we started out with Artichoke appetizers which I had never eaten artichoke before but these were very cheesy and very good! Then when lunch was served I stared out with the Split Pea Soup – again something I had never had – but really liked… (David about died when I told him all about the things I ate, he couldn't’t believe it!) I forget all the other things on the menu but they gave us all the recipes along with the pattern for the quilt - so it is all upstairs in the sewing room.


  1. Wow! What fun!! Were you still the only one who did the orange scheme?

    I know the competitive feeling - there's a lady who offers mysteries every year and I start with full fire! But never the first to finish. :P

  2. There was one other lady who joined at the last minute who did the sunset - orange theme. But I got my row done before her! LOL

    I wish I had taken my camera to photograph the other 2 color ways… but didn’t have it with me. Soon, I will have to add to my blog photos of my coordinating fabrics for the boarders that I purchased for this top. ~Bonnie


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