Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I found two things today!

I think I have found something that I "must" have b/c I sooooo need to finish up the bindings on a few quilts but don't remember much about bindings since it has been several years since I actually attached one to a quilt....

It's called the Binding Gizmo and today I watched as it was demonstrated on www.QNNTV.com

It is available from the Quilting Delights website.... and here is their description:

The Binding Gizmo
The one and only Binding Gizmo is a fast, accurate and simple tool to create perfect binding every time!! No more guessing, no more mystery, no more miscut angles, no more mistakes! Along with the Binding Gizmo, you will receive a 26 page spiral-bound book with instructions on how to use the Binding Gizmo to create perfect bindings every time! $24.95

I would love to hear from any of you out there that have this book and tool or have seen it used.... or know someone that has used it...... any feed back is welcomed - even if you never heard of it but click on the site and rad about it - your oppinion.... :c)

Also today while cleaning I found two checks each for $40 from David's grandma Reliford. These wer put up away from Christmas wrapping papers as to keep safe.... and boy were they safe. Four months later I discover them! One made out to him and the other to me!!!

Perhaps I will use my Christmas check from Grandma to order the Binding Gizmo. ~Bonnie

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  1. The fact that there is a TWENTY-SIX page instruction book on how to use the gizmo would scare me! :)


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