Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Bitchy Stitcher - have you met her???

I don't even remember from whoms blog I came from to discover yours
tonight - but I did and I found a post about how you may soon be published and
you shared the link to this post... and I have never laughed "out loud" at my
computer before tonight!!! but your Binding Tutorial is HA-lar-ious!

la,la,LOVED it and am cutting and pasting the link to this entry to at
least a dozen of my friends right now and also on the quilting forum I love so
much!!! :)Hope to read you in Quilter's Home soon!!! :) and I'll be visiting
your blog often now that I've found it ;) I gotcha bookmarked;) Love from
Texas! ~bonnie


The above quote is what I left as a comment to a "new-to-me-blog" I have no idea how I clicked upon The Bitchy Stitcher - but I am so glad I did!!! :)

You have to read the post to which I replied the above posted.. her entry is called - How to Sew Binding onto a Quilt - A tutorial for Beginners

oh and another quick post of hers that I thought was so funny was titled Oh For Pete's Sake - not funny that she burned herself... but funny when she mentioned about if the phone had rang... click on it, you'll see... :P

and while you are visiting the Bitchy Stitcher - be sure and check out her giveaway here on her post titled Because I care and I'm Lazy...... and reading about her storing her phone in her bra takes me back to the days before my breast reduction..... only I never thought to set my ringer to vibrate! :P

Love from Texas!


  1. I just found her blog two days ago and was laughing all evening.
    I loved the Pee Panic

  2. You are so sweet - thank you!


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