Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter everyone!

There was no time for photos before we went to church this morning but I did pack along the camera anyway for just in case... and aaahhh yes, the "after Mass" photo...

Here we are with Farther Tom our priest... I try to get a family shot with him every special occasion ;) Of course I'm talking b/c the person taking the photo had no clue how to point and shoot.... just hold the button down already! LOL and stinker Paul Thomas turned his head too quickly.... wish we had a family shot that showed his adorable tie and vest he had on. He was too TOOT. ;)

I jsut don't have very many photos from today.. shortly after we loaded up in the car it came a HUGE POUR DOWN and continued for about 3 hours. But I did get this one of my two handsome guys!! David did remove his sunglasses... but in those Paul Thomas wasn't looking.. sho heres the best of them.


Love from Texas!


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