Sunday, April 5, 2009

the Miranda Day Bag

Have you seen this cute bag??? It's a Lazy Girl pattern called the Miranda Day Bag. Isn't it cute??

Or maybe you have made one???...or if you are like me... you WANT to make one :)

Well in a few weeks I'm going on my very first quilt retreat and as our group project we will all be making this bag. I hear it has TEN pockets inside!! Whoo hoo! :c)

Today I was at Hobby Lobby (an unplanned trip) but since we were over in the "big town" and all three of the kids were asleep in the van, David didn't mind me running in to take a look.

Can you believe that I didn't buy anything today - SHOCKER, I know! But I did take some photos of some fabrics that sorta spoke to me... mainly no purchase b/c I didn't have my pattern with me to know how much fabric was needed... but I'll be back over in the "big town" again before my trip to NH. Plus I want to look at the quilt store before then too...
So I'll let you vote for your favorite fabric combos that I saw today.. So what do you like/prefer for a purse... Bright Flower/Stripe combo???? or the Black/Tan neutrals???

Oh and I got my machine back form the Bernina shop today. I'm excited to have it back so soon... but I am not excited that it cost me an arm and leg... just over $300!! aak! Apparently it had to have a new "S Board" put in it. They assure me it's as good as new. It better be!

I haven't used it yet.. this weekend is my husband's birthday and for his gift I cleaned out EVERYTHING that had to do with sewing out of the dining room! We will be eating in there tomorrow evening and he will love that ;) Nora is excited about decorating...I'll try and remember to take a few photos.

Happy Weekend everyone!

Love from Texas!


  1. I'd go for the brights, especially as you guys in the Northern Hemisphere are in spring now. :-) But I'd also make another in the darker fabrics for next winter.

  2. I agree with Jenny, go for the brights. I also wanted to tell you I am hosting a big Moda giveaway on my blogspot. Check it out and invite your friends if you like. I live in Texas as well but am inviting new quilty friends from all over the globe. I can't wait to see your new bag. Have a great Sunday, Elaine

  3. The brights and flowers. Definately ~ but then again, you know my taste in fabric. I have very little neutral stuff! :) I can't wait to hear all about your quilt retreat!!!

  4. I like the bright flowers and stripes, so fun. I haven't been to get my fabric for this yet either. Should be able to this week, I hope. See you in NH =)

  5. lol, I am the opposite of everyone else. I love the black, neutral!!
    It would go with everything and not show the dirt with 3 kids pulling on it.
    But if I were you, I would make one of each fabrics and have the other one for fun and summer clothes.

  6. of those two i say the bright stripe.. i bought my fabric.. i'm doing a black and red retro type.. atleast that is the plan now.. haven't cut it up yet, so that could change before the 23rd!!

  7. I LOVE the bright and the strip!! Especially this time of the year. But they are so easy, buy both and make two!! Don't forget you'll need a third fabric if want the lining to contrast with the exterior. SEE YOU SOON!

  8. I like the neutrals goes with more outfits so you don't have to change it as much....But then the brights are great for fun and SPRING!!

  9. Depends on where you want to take it, but I love the bright version!


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