Monday, February 7, 2011

a little paper work during the Super Bowl

Yesterday afternoon while many were preparing and getting ready for a Superbowl Party, I was busy getting caught up on a little "paper work" ;) David got the kids set up with the new small TV in the computer room and DVD so that he'd have the BIG screen in the den all to himself and I was just ear shot away in the dining room sewing and keeping an ear out for the kids and also for David.... a handful of times during commercials he would laugh and I'd have to run in to have him rewind and let me see. :P
So have you heard about EQ's 2011 Bloc of the Month??? I hadn't until I stumbled upon it while blog hopping over the weekend. Thankfully the January Block (January Jumble) due date isn't until Feb. 17th so click over to take a look and find out all about it and jump in! :) I really wasn't planning to begin yet another project - but this little block looked too cute and I've been wanting to practice my paper piecing skills.
Each month they are giving away prizes to people who submit photos of their blocks. There is even a post that you can see everyone's Jan. blocks - I just emailed a photo of mine below this morning so it's not posted yet... but I'll be checking back later this week to see if they add it. Until then, here's a look at mine.
They have several examples for colorway ideas but you can choose anything you'd like. I grabbed some FQs and didn't really know how they'd turn out but in the end I'm satisfied! When I showed the hubby his reply was, "Nice. That looks rich." ??? I about fell over! That is nothing like his usual comments on my show-n-tell. :)
Maybe next weekend I'll be able to do some more "paper work" and get February Frolic made as the pattern is already posted and so are the February Show & Tell pics.
Here's something I started using - a baby wipe tub with the lid off to use as a table top trash can for trimmings and such. :) kinda like a trash bowl for when you're cooking. Also, I love my handly little nail brush to keep my cutting mat nice and clean from threads.
Besides paper work, I also had some other very important things to do last night. As you know Nora's in Girl Scouts this year and sold cookies for the first time last month. Did I tell you that out of her troop she sold the most boxes!? Saturday, David went with the leader to pick up the shipment and we now know what 234 boxes of cookies looks like! We can barely get out of the van when we pull into the garage! :P
I still don't have the sales sheet to know who gets what type, I'll get that sheet Monday night - but David did bring home her badges that she earned for selling over 140 boxes - the little owls, aren't they cute? I sewed them onto the back of her tunic along with some other fun badges she's already earned this year. I also sewed the center of her Daisy flower onto the front of her uniform for memorizing the Girl Scout Promise. :)
My little man was really into the game last night but don't let the FQ of fabric with footballs fool ya.... While Daddy's game was on the BIG screen, Paul Thomas' game was on the small screen of his new Leapster 2 game system. :)
Star Wars aka "boy power" game! :) Thanks Jessica!! :) For any of you mommas (or grandmommas) out there who's kids have these, you know that keeping up with the small cartridges can be a challenge. Well a couple weekends ago when we were at Joann's look what I found!
One of those DMC floss storage boxes. It works PERFECTLY! My kids take forever before choosing the game they want and of course have to see them all - this clear box is just the solution they can look thru the lid and decide then let me know - nothing gets dropped like when they use to toss them about digging for their favorites... and see the bottom right corner - that one spot holds Nora's new Leapster Explorer camera video recorder cartridge and under it 4 of those TINY games!
Guess what my little princess Olivia did.... crowned me "Queen Momma" just after the halftime show last night. :) It was so light weight that I forgot about it being there and didn't discover it until when I went to bed... what's that in my hair??? lol
What a fun weekend! :) Oh and I also bought a new camera!! I was on the fence between 3 different brands and price ranges... we've been Canon fans for the past 10+ years .... but since I jsut returned the one David gave me for Christmas b/c I wasn't happy with it... I decided to take the leap and go with the Nikon CoolPix S4000. It's very compact which is perfect for keeping in my pocket at all times - 2.3" x 3.8" and weighing less than 5 oz! and it's WAY faster processing between photos than the one I took back which was a lot more money than this one. It even has a touch screen... which is great for me, but not sure how I'll like that once the kids try to help take a photo?? I'm afraid they might delete unknowingly?

Well - I have things to do so I better run for now... I'm happy that as I work I can take photos again! :) Pink Project, here I come... again!
EDITED TO ADD - I just found a blog of one of the EQ BOM participants Joann - over at Thread Head. She is the organizer of the new quilt along... have you seen? Click the logo to take you there. :) So pretty using 1800's fabrics.

Love from Texas!


  1. Oh I love your block Bonnie! Great colors. :-) The kids are cuties! Have a happy week!

  2. Love the EQ BOM block! It is such a fun little thing to make.
    Fantastic that your daughter sold the most cookies - good for her!!
    Thanks for the kind mention.♥

  3. You have been busy...Queen Mom.... Too cute. I KNOW I don't NEED another PROJECT, but I might have to do this quilt along, looks interesting.

    I awarded you the Liebster Award on my blog:



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