Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wishes really do come true!!!

When was the last time you made a WISH? I'm talking about the kind you really, REALLY wish for something and actually have hopes that it will indeed come true..... honestly, I can't really remember the last time I made a real wish either. Although my 6 year old makes these REAL wishes ALL the time... but for someone my age, I guess I'm too practical perhaps.

I'm sure you're more like me, as in often saying yeah, I wish I had.... or I wish we could.... but never really expecting it to happen.

A while back I noticed really bad shoulder pain when sewing at the dining room table with my machine. At first you don't notice it but after long periods of time.... you start to think - I wish my shoulders didn't hurt!!! So after taking along this little nightstand table to the workshop last summer to the guild workshop, when I got it home I tried setting my machine on it to sew... and you know what - it helped! No more tense shoulder pain! ;) ...but on the down side, not a lot of room to sew.

For months I've surfed around the web wishing and dreaming of a sewing cabinet...one that you can fit your machine down into the cabinet. Try not to be jealous, but this has been my sewing station for several months now.... seriously. Cannot even begin to tell you how bug of a pain free motion quilting has been - even with that acrylic plastic attachment...
I've used the dining room table as project table but sewn on this small nightstand above. While surfing and dreaming, I've sent dozens of emails to myself and CC'd the hubby at work - showing him cabinets that would be nice to have "one day" with next to nothing as a reply... *sigh* well even if it's not in the budget it's still fun to dream right? ;)
I almost purchased this... a folding table! Hey, it's not fancy, but the price is affordable! I thought I could recreate the set up I have now in the dining room and move everything upstairs and use it to be my work area and put the yard-sale-find-nightstand this folding table, like I do downstairs in the dining room...? The goal after all is to MOVE OUT of the dining room..... the sooner the better according to hubby!

Well guess what! Recently on facebook - Arrow Sewing Cabinets was promoting their fan page trying to get 1000 fans... earlier they gave away a Gidget II table and reminded fans that once they got to 1,000 they'd be giving away an "Olivia." I'm here today to tell ya that wishes really do come true!

Have you already guessed where I'm headed with this post???

YEP, MY name was randomly chosen
as the winner of the OLIVIA sewing cabinet!!!!!!!

Special thanks to my friend IowaLisa for calling me at home and greeting me with, "Hello is this Bonnie M____? Good morning Bonnie, you obviously do not have your cell phone on you (she had been texting me) nor have you been to your computer yet have you?" Me= "Uammm, no I had to get all the kids ready and take Nora to school this morning since David is working outta town." (looking at my watch - it's only 8:30am) Then she said, "You need to RUN, don't walk, to your computer right now while I'm on the phone with you... I want to hear your reaction." :P

Oh my heavens!!! I could not believe it!!??! Me!?? For Real??? Yes, there was my name in their status line - I about passed out when I read it!!

Arrow Sewing Cabinets
Drum roll please.......Bonnie NXXXXX MXXXX - do you have room at your house for Olivia??? You're our winner!!! Congrats! Please email XXXX@arrowcabinets.com to claim her!
WEEeee! Wishes really do come true!!!!!!!!!! Oh I cannot wait until next Wednesday when Alisha said my Olivia would be delivered!!!

It was a hard decision between the green or the white... and while the green sure would be a fun color - I made the safe choice and went with the white.. After all I think it will go with a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g and I've already made plans to go pick up some paint and paint the far wall in the sewing room.....GREEN! :)
This room has been lacking color since we moved in and I think painting just that back wall will give it what it needs... and if I ever get tired of green, I can go blue, or tan, or _____? :) When I told Nora about my big win and that the cabinet was called "Olivia" she let me know that I was not being a fair mom.... b/c Paul Thomas' favorite color is green ya know! So I think they will all be happy once the make over is complete, don't you? ;) The HAPPY ROOM is going GREEN!

Well it looks like I better get busy getting ready... gotta find a new place for those shirts along the wall.... stay tuned....

Love from Texas!


  1. Congrats on your win....I'm really happy for you! It was fun to "know" the person who won!!!

  2. Congratulations on such a big win! I've been 'wishing' for a long-arm machine and frame. Perhaps one day my wish will come true too. I'm going to have to win it though 'cause that's the only way I'm going to get one!

    You'll have to share pictures of your new set up once it arrives.

  3. How lucky are you??!! I'm so glad you won the sewing table and I know you will put it to good use. Have fun setting up your new sewing area. Chanlady

  4. YAHOOO!!! I love hearing stories like this!! Dreams REALLY do come true!! Make sure you post pictures of Olivia in her new green room when she is all comfortably moved in!!

  5. That is so great that you are getting a cabinet..actually I saw it in your room it looks great.


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