Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Getting ready to take down these and start something NEW!

For the recent JudyL Design Wall Monday I showed you the Pink Project that I completed - when actually here's what still on my design wall but soon coming down. These are only 20 of my blocks as it's about all my wall will hold. There are another dozen or more blocks laying on the desk below the design wall.

Since I have the room on the floor now in the "Happy Room" - I'm going to move these to the floor for putting them together into rows and then into a top and borders.... and as I work on that I'll go ahead and get started on my next project. You know, chain piecing then using the Hand Me Down Blocks as my Leader/Enders while working on the new blocks.

Last night after we got home from the Softball field, I quickly checked my email between supper and heading upstairs for bath time - to see if there was anything from my friend Crazy'boutquilts. She and I have been shooting ideas back and forth on our next project/swap between us and I think we've come up with a decision.

I did have a reply from her and she's already started on her test block! :D

So while the twins were playing in the tub last night - I snuck into the joining bedroom to their bathroom (sewing room) and pulled down my Civil War FQs and started playing match maker!

That is about as far as I got in my 4 minutes but it sure was fun. I just love starting something new! This will be my first ever project for me using my Civil War FQs. I'll wait to let Crazy post and share what the project between us will be when she's ready. She's already completed a test block.

Until then I'm gonna begin joining up my "Hand Me Downs" blocks and get them into rows.

Love from Texas!


  1. I forgot to show the magazine photo~ so go ahead and post away! Love your FQ's and your shirt quilt is going to be a beauty! Have a happy day!

  2. Hey Bonnie...My blocks still aren't done. I am getting close...eight more I think. I got sidetracked with a baby gift...I decided to make a green/blue version of the blocks and put them together for a baby quilt. It's for my hubby's great niece who is pregnant. The blocks are looking great in greens and blues too. I have been setting aside shirt fronts for you....any colors or ideas on what you prefer?


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