Friday, April 15, 2011

What's All Over My Sewing Room Floor

Remember how I said in my last post that I was gonna take down the blocks on the design wall and lay them out all over the floor??? Well... guess what I found and laid out instead!
My Blue Heaven pattern from Marcia  Hohns's Quilter's Cache Site
These are the My Blue Heaven blocks that Crazy'boutquilts and I made and swapped with each other a couple years back. I have most of them into large units of 4 blocks but have our last mailing left as singles. It really wouldn't take much time to get these babies sewed together!
After I get them into rows and joined up - I can then hang the top up in the closet where it can wait for me to work on the pieced HST's border sections. Hanging up in the closet should be a safe place for it right? I also need to shop for the blue fabric for the outside border...
GRrr! Blogger will not let me get this photo turned right... Sorry :/ But this is the plan for the borders that Crazy designed up for me in her EQ program. Thankfully all the HSTs are already made for the border- Crazy & I made and sent extras to each other throughout the swap... now where did I stash those babies? There in a safe place somewhere.
Also do you remember this big box that my children had a good time playing in last Christmas?
(I tried to look for a photo, must have posted to facebook back when... but since I gave it up for Lent you'll just have to wait until later to see the photo of all 3 of my kids in the big box)

I saved the box and have been putting shirt parts in it and it's almost all the way full.... and almost ready to be mailed to it's new home!
Have a great weekend everyone - and PS - say a little prayer for me... David is leaving for Oklahoma today and that means I'll be taking all 3 kids to church by myself on Sunday since he'll be out of town. I'm already prying that the twins behave and don't act like stinkers.
Love from Texas!


  1. The blocks are awesome!

    Where are the shirt parts going?

  2. that quilt is going to be beautiful.
    good luck with the kids in church

  3. I love your My Blue heaven blocks. Aren't scrappy quilts the best!
    I'm sure there will be plenty of friends at your church that would love to help out with those cutey pies.
    Did you get the link I emailed you on the dynamic views?

  4. I love your blocks! You just can't beat scrappy and these are doubly blessed since you traded with a friend. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. Have a Blessed Easter.

  5. that is sooooooooo pretty! I just love the scrappy quilts the best.

  6. Wow, your Blue Heaven blocks are great. Love the various colours and fabrics, it blends so well.


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