Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Big Round Robin Reveal

Last weekend 80+ HGTV Quilterers met for the 5th Annual "Circle of Friends"  (COF) retreat.  This year it was hosted by Quiltaholic and held in Charlotte, NC.

I participated in the Round Robin Project in the months leading up to the retreat but jsut before Christmas I made the decision to drop out of going to NC for the retreat.  I hope the ladies in my group like what I added to each of their Robins and even though I've only seen a cell phone photo of my very own quilt, I can tell already that they did a fabulous job with it!  I read on the boards today that Quiltaholic is making a trip to the USPS today to let all the little ROBBINS fly away home to those of us who didn't get to make it.

I can't wait to receive it and show it to you here! Stay tuned!  At that time I'll make a post and share closeups of the parts of the above quilts that I worked on. :)  I knew at the time I wasn't allowed to show photos on line, but I took several to blog about later :)

You have to be a HGTV Board member to view any photos posted there - however I think THIS LINK will work to let you get a peek at just SOME of the quilts in the Round Robin.  Mine is not posted there...I'll try and see if I can remember who it was that did share it on fb over the weekend...

Love from Texas!


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