Tuesday, May 24, 2011

walmart fabric

I guess it's been at least 2 or 3 years now since walmart started pulling fabric departments out of their stores.  Each time I've shopped over the past year, I've noticed a significant change in our department. Getting smaller and smaller each time I'm there.  Down to just the back wall and one other section for thread.  Well in recent months our store under went a WHOLE STORE REMODEL.  I'm talking - moved departments from one side of the store to the other and new floor, layout - I no longer know where anything is...  So imagine my surprise when I rolled my cart around the corner and found this.

Three isles of fabrics!  WOW! I would have never thought that they'd still have a fabric department - especially after the whole store remodel, but that's cool with me!  It's still one of the few places to find lisconsed cartoon characters like Carebear, Spiderman, Dora or Little Mermaid fabrics.

They even have a small section of precuts - trying to copy the idea of charms, and jelly rolls only these fabrics are SOOOOO YUCK!  So thin, I could see thru them without even touching them to examine.  Nice try, but no thanks. 

There were these batik strips that might be OK. Love their colors... but right now I don't have a need for them.  I do have a need for one of these two bolts though the brightness sorta spoke to me...  I didn't have my Round Robin Quilt with me, but wouldn't one of these make a fun backing fabric to use??? Can you guess which one came home with me?

I still think that if anyone who doesn't quilt but would like one - would be better off to just go to walmart and buy one.  $19 and you choose T, Q, or K size!  You can't even buy a rotary cutter for $19!!

If you guessed the fabric bolt on the LEFT in the photo above - you would be right!  The one with the purple swirls on the bright pink batik... I think it will work perfectly for my backing on the Round Robin Quilt.  I laid it out on the kitchen floor and the colors looked perfect.

Guess what else I bought.  Actually I went back the next day, the kids with me, so they could pick their own fabric for future pillowcases.  Paul Thomas chose robots, Olivia chose Care Bears and Nora wanted tie-dye peace signs.  Can you tell they are excited about new pillowcases!? lol

I also spotted this book - which I took a photo of to help me remember the title. 

Have you heard of him or seen this youTube video from one of his inspirational talks to school kids?  I saw it shared on facebook sometime last year and was really touched. How great it would be if everyone had his attitude in life.  I want to finish up the book I'm on and then add his to my new Nook Color soon.

HERE is his interview video while interviewed by CBN.COM and more videos click HERE

Love from Texas!


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