Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Batik Round Robin is HERE!

Almost two years ago I was asked to help with a block making project and was mailed a fat 1/8th of two fabrics to use for any block of my choice.  I blogged about it HERE.   I had enough fabric that I was able to make an extra block to keep and it sat around for nearly a year with no purpose in mind... until...

Quiltaholic decided that she'd organize a Round Robin swap while we all counted down the months to the next Circle of Friends quilting retreat hosted by the HGTV quilters in Charlotte, NC this year.

I last blogged May 4th, telling you a little bit about my participation in the Round Robin project, but since my last post, my husband has traveled to Oklahoma City, OK and also Indianapolis, IN leaving me to fend for myself with the kids, which translates to = I'm too dog gone tired to make a blog post or even quilt after the kids are in bed at night.  aka too LAZY to do anything other than read facebook pages of friends...*sigh*

The beginning of May was also the end of the twin's preschool year, and we had our singing program a week ago today - and also in addition to that business, last Wednesday we left town to go to Kentucky for a funeral of David's Uncle... so I have not had the time to post to my blog, sorry!  It was a quick trip and although I did pack my laptop, I never once even got it out of the back of the van since we left Texas Wednesday, arrived to KY on Thursday and left Sunday headed back home and arrived sometime after 1am Monday this week.

However - I have lots of photos and will share two with you tonight...of my Round Robin that arrived in the mail the day before Mother's Day!  Tonight, I uploaded them to facebook real quick and shared while waiting on David to get home from work so I could leave to attend QUILT GUILD tonight! Eeeek! I got to go!! :)

I took my RR with me for my Sew-N-Tell item this month. I couldn't wait to have it quilted first... I'll show it again after Margaret does her magic to it. ;)  But take a look, isn't it beautiful!!!

I made the center block, called "Mississippi Star" that I found HERE designed by Judy Martin.  I mailed it first to Virginia Beach, VA where "Ambher" added the teal and white borders.
Then it was mailed to Liverpool, NY where "lakequilter" added the "Trip Around the world" looking block border. Love that golden yyellow and how it ties in with my center block.

My quilt was then mailed to Pawcayuck, CT where "Auntie Reba" gave my Round Robin VIP treatment! She did such beautiful applique work to it and the fabrics she used for the background for the flowers on her boarder were made from batik fabrics that she purchased in the capitol of Bali, Denpasar when she was visiting the Indonesian island!!! I can NOT believe she was so generous to share them with me! WOW!

Finally my Round Robin Quilt traveled to Charlotte, NC to "craftyladyage821" finished it up with a rainbow of colors in her piano key style border! I la,la,love the bright orange floater border and final boarder to frame it.
It's perfect, and my only regret is that I didn't get to be there IN PERSON this year for the BIG reveal in NC.  I was so pleased with the outcome of my Round Robin quilt. My group did an awesome job and I love the bright bold colors of the batik fabrics they each used.
Any suggestions for a name for this beauty??? It's my first ever anything made with batik fabrics and I plan to hang it up in the sewing room.... and possibly enter it in next year's guild's quilt show???  

Love from Texas!


  1. What a beauty! Unfortunately, I stink at coming up with names...

  2. It's beautiful Bonnie! I'd call it my Batik Beauty, but I'm not very good at naming either. ;-) Have a happy weekend!


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