Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Simple Quilts and Sewing Fall 2011

While grocery shopping about 2 weeks ago, I picked up this issue of Simple Quilts and Sewing Fall 2011 and flipped through it and took a look.  Doesn't the cover quilt catch your eye?? I'm one of those crazy types about trying to match up the directions of stripes, and these are obviously not matched up!! But surprising as it is, I really like the quilt just as it is.  I think if I made it I would do the same as they did and not worry with the match maker process but just get them done!  It would be great for using up all the shirts I've been collecting and cutting up these past couple years. Those solid square centers are perfect and I like the variety of sizes. Love the fallish colors!

I really couldn't justify spending $8 for this magazine at least not on this $200+ grocery trip... so I did put it back in hopes to buy a copy next time... only last weekend, I could. not. find. a copy in the whole store. :(  Waaah!  Woulda, Coulda, SHOULDA!!!

Above is the project that sold me on going back to buy my own copy! Nora is known as the "Queen of Tic-Tac-Toe" at our home. This past Earth Day, she even sat and challenged anyone to play her and played undefeated for over an hour.  Boys and girls along with men and women all tried to beat her at her game.  Either she tied them or WON! She never lost for over an hour!! :)

When I saw the denium game set, I thought - This is THE perfect gift that she and I can make together not only for herself... but for her to make and give to her school friends (both boy/girl) for when she gets invited to Birthday Parties!!!  Probably a little more time involved than making our usual pillow case, but the price is right Bob!!!  FREE is Cheap - oh yeah! and it would be a gift that she helped make.

So after not being able to find it at Kroger, I put out an APB with my friends on facebook and already have a friend in Mississippi who is gonna help me track down a copy. :)  We are on fall break this week, however I have NO desire to take along 3 kids all over town to find one for sale at another store... but as of next Monday when they are all back in school, I'll try looking at Joann's and Barns & Noble to see if I can purchase my own copy and then if no luck, I'll give Abbey in Mississippi the go ahead to find one and mail her a check.

Too bad I have no idea which box in the attic has all my old too small for this body jeans... I guess I will also go to the Goodwill and see if I can find a couple contrasting pairs on sale for $0.50/ea too. ;) 

After looking online to purchase - I did find this FREE carrying tote bag that sort looks like a "booty" bag pattern.  CLICK HERE  to take a look.  

Love from Indiana!


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