Saturday, September 30, 2006

aaaahhh Saturday!

Today we dropped off my van at firestone for it’s oil change and then headed over to IHOP for brunch. Nora loves pancakes! The van still needed some more time before being ready to pick up so, afterwards we went to Target to check out the Halloween costumes. Last year we used my nieces hand-me-down costume and Nora was a very cute bumblebee.

This year, I have been trying to think of something for her to be but nothing I’ve thought of has seemed to wow me....little did I know that Nora would have her own ideas! – I just needed to get her to the store.

When we got there, David wanted to just sit in the car and wait while I went in but I convinced him to go in with us. After we found the Halloween section it didn’t take long for him to be glad that he did come in. The first isle of costumes we came to were for toddlers, perfect. They had lots to choose from but the very minuite Nora spotted the Care Bears she started chanting – “Care Bear Count Down! Care Bear Count Down!” that’s the way her DVD starts out…she recognized them right off the bat. Looking at all the tags they were all sized 3T-4T which I thought, well bummer – she needs a 2T.

When she saw in the way back the purple one, she really started chattering! “I want pea-bull Care Bear” I looked at David and he looked at me and we both knew that she had just decided once and for all that for Halloween she was going to be a “Pea-Bull Care Bear”.

Of course I thought we needed to try it on first so we did. David warned me that we may have to wear it home... thankfully we didn't :c) but she LOVED it! Can you tell from her big smile!!!! I didn't even have to tell her to say cheese. I am gonna have to think of something to help hold the hood back so she can see. Maybe use some hair clips to clip it to her hair?


  1. Nora looks absolutely adorable. She will be the best "Pea-bull Care Bear" around.

  2. Very cute! Amazing how the Care Bears keep coming back!


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