Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The photo of the Bright Strings Quilt

I have no idea why it didn't post the photo... I will try again. Also when I am typing into the box to create a new post the tool bar isn't across the top instead, it is all going downward one button at a time...?

Again, I wish I could give credit where credit is due. I did not make the quilt shown. Just saw it on webshots.com


  1. Hi, Did you try to delete the post that caused the problem?

  2. Hi Bonnie - welcome to blogging! You are doing just fine - most all of us stumble along a bit at the beginning.

    As far as your side bar goes - here's what you can do. Find a blog that has a side bar that looks like you want it to. Go to the top menu and click on "View", then "Source". A window will open that shows the HTML for that blog.

    Scroll down the HTML looking for words you recognize. Separate sections will be separated by br (with greater than and less than symbols around it. Find what you want to copy, copy all the HTML, then open blogger in another window. Click on "template" which will show you the HTML for your blog. Again, look for words you recognize so you can paste what you copied. I always paste right above the section called "Recent Posts". Look for those words, then look for the space above them - may be a few lines up - where it says br. You can paste what you copied right after the line that says br. Then at the bottom of what you pasted type another line of br.

    Always preview what you've done so you can see whether or not it looks correct before you save it.

    I hope this helps!


  3. Hi, Bingo Bonnie! :-) Sweet P recommended your blog, so I stopped in to say hi. Lovely, bright quilt! (I love brights!)

  4. Hi and welcome to blogland *s*

  5. I'm still trying to work out how to get the phots in the places I want - we just have to keep on trying and we will get it soon, I know. As for naps - what are those?(lol) My kids gave up naps before 18 months - you would be surprised how you learn to get things done anyway. Good luck.

  6. Welcome to blog-land Bingo Bonnie. I'll be back to read more about your corner of the world.

  7. Welcome to the world of blogging! Be warned--it is addictive! I think the first few posts are the hardest, then it seems to work itself out. Love string quilts!!!

  8. Hi, Bonnie--Paula over at Coffee Time said to tell you "hello" and welcome you to Bloggerland. If you have any questions, just ask. Lots of people willing and able to help you out. Patti just did as a matter of fact. Yep, right click and view source is great way to see someone's setup that you like.

    It gets easier--truly it does!

  9. That is a really pretty quilt. I made a string quilt for my boss's baby in all yellows and pinks. This one gives me the idea to make one in all scraps like that. It looks really vibrant.

    Just keep working at your blog, you'll get the hang of it. I have the same template that you do and I've changed a lot on it. Go look at my blog, right click on the background and select "view source" and you'll see where I put stuff in on my sidebar.


  10. String quilts are always great to share, even if they are just found ones! Thanks

  11. hi Bonnie. Welcome to Blogland.


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