Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Photo 12/2005

Well figuring out all the "How To's" is a little frustrating - not to mention when I tried to do the spell check earlier everything I had dissapeared.

Oh Here is a photo of me taken at Christmas time, 2005. I have never been very photogentic but I think this one is decent. My mother-in-law asked everyone to wear black tops and blue jeans for a family portrait. Before my husband and daughter left for the photo session, my dad took a photo of the 3 of us. I cropped my head to use here.

Funny thing about me is that most of my photos look so different from each other even when there hasn't been that much time gone by from one to the other. I recently cut my hair to sholder length and also dyed the grey out... so stay tuned - currnet photos will be added later. For now this one will do.

ok... holding my breath hoping that this works...

edited on 9/27 to remove the big photo - I hope this will make my sidebar come up to wehre it shoudl be and not stuck at the bottom of the page...


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