Thursday, June 12, 2008

Good News - woo hoo, a wish come ture

Oh this is so cool!!! Notice anything different???? Yep, today I gave my blog a much needed update! and how about that header photo!!! WOW, I have even impressed myself! :P

With an software update of some sort (it said I needed it so I clicked OK) and about an hour of my time, wallah! I'm so pleased with my blog! For quite some time I have been wishing for a few "minor" changes. Like "label" listing and photos of the kids in the sidebar... and on and on...and thanks to a link that Crazy'boutquilts shared on one of her comments on Nickilee's new blog - I was able to go snoop around and learn some new tricks!

I'm not done yet... and I have seemed to have lost my lists -blogs, UFOs, and other stuff... but with time I will get them back ;)

Oh - and just in case you are wondering where the link is... http://magicwithblogs.blogspot.com/
This was SO SUPER helpful! I wish I had known about it ages ago!!! And I made all my changes in less than an hour. Imagine what I will come up with later on when I have more time to play around! ;P

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

PS - Something new is a blog list of my HGTV friends over on the sidebar. And something awesome, is that it arranges them in the top 5 that have made recent updates on their blogs! Isn't that cool!!! Go visit them and tell them I sent you. ;)


  1. I love the pictures and the blog list is great!! Is there a site for that?

  2. love your new layout! went to the site you posted, but looks like a lot of work! so will have to wait when i have a whole evening to devote to that!

  3. Love your new header photo! Great job getting this done.
    Nora Anne's chocolate bar face is too precious!

  4. Great updates Bonnie! Your blog looks fresh and dressed to the nines. Love the pics of your cute kiddos.

  5. Your energy is amazing! Good update on the header/blog. Love to see the little munchkins!

  6. Wow Bonnie~ love the new look! I'm glad Magic With Blogs helped you! ;-)


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