Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I AM Speachless

I can't ever remember a time that I was so surprised that I was speechless... (OK, one time comes to mind from high school... but that is another story for another time.)

Tonight I was completely speechless! I was wanting to squeal and inside my head I could hear it - but here at my computer I sat with my mouth gaped wide open and my hand up over my heart. I got up and as I carried my mail into the den to show David what I had just opened up and read, I actually began to tear up thinking about all the thoughtfulness behind this very special gift!!! :P


This year's winners of the HGTV Fat Quarter Bingo all went in together and collected money for me to apply towards my 2009 Circle of Friends Retreat expenses!

Here is what the Certificate reads, just in case you can't see it from the photo:

"Certificate of Appreciation
presented to
from the 2008 HGTV Bingo Winners
In recognition of the outstanding job of bingo hostessing you have done, the 2008 winners present you with this certificate worth $140.00 on your 2009 Circle of Friends Retreat expenses.
We love you Bonnie! Thank You!!
*please redeem with Nickilee"

My friends at the HGTV Quilter's message board sure are creative and sneaky aren't they - and THE BESTEST online friends ever! :)

TY, TY, THANK YOU! to all of you who contributed to my 2008 FQ Bingo hostess gift! You have made my day/week/month/and even year! :c) This was super generous of you and I appreciate it so much! I look forward to meeting you all in NH next spring too!!!

I also enjoyed the personal notes from quiltnanny and LisaP8 and YES, crazy'boutquilts, you DID, certainly, in fact, surprise me! LOL :c) Thanks again!

Love from Texas!


  1. How thoughtful of the ladies in the bingo game. I didn't participate this year.:(
    I have an award for you if you care to check it out on my blog.

  2. yeah!!! I'm so glad we were able to surprise you! You work so hard on this every year you deserve a great retreat! Speechless is good sometimes :D

  3. How neat is that. It is nice to know you are loved by others.

  4. Well, you are worth every award! Every time I checked you out, blogwise, you were working, cutting, boxing, even when you were ill, you just kept on sorting and arranging, and mailing!

    Congratulations - many people see us far better than what we see in ourselves, don't they!

  5. How very sweet! You deserve it.

    BTW I love your blog. I'll be getting me a flower pot ruler holder too. I'm so glad I took time to look at yours. My stand is just not large enough for all mine.

  6. How very sweet. :) you deserve it.

  7. Bonnie, you are so deserving of such a great surprise! Money for the piggy bank! Downsouth

  8. *giggle* :) Really speechless?? :)*giggle* I guess the 2008 bingo winners are really gooooood!! :) :)


    Happy Stitching!!

  9. Hey Bonnie! Did you see your 2 smiley faces next to your name? :) Yep - that means PAID IN FULL!!!!!! I'm so excited for you! :) Nickilee

  10. bonnie, wow that is so amazing! and i absolutely agree with the above posts, you deserve it! :)can't wait to meet you in NH! ithinksew

  11. Its well deserved young lady.

  12. Oh yeah! finally it has been hard to keep this secret so glad you were surprised. Dorie Ga

  13. Love the window box flower pot idea for rulers. Simple & Neat. Nice blog & lovely children. Lilly2

  14. Bonnie, I've not got to play bingo yet but will definitely play next year. But I did wanted to say that I could tell by following the bingo posts this year that you bring these ladies as much joy as they have brought you. I know to keep this secret they couldn't post for all to contribute or I'm sure you would have had the biggest piggy bank of all. You do deserve it. everythingquilts

  15. That is absolutely well deserved! Glad this years group thought of it. Elainetoo

  16. What a wonderful gift! Enjoy it when you come to New Hampshire. This is a beautiful state.

  17. I think you deserve another award...and I have just the one for you, please check out my blog.

    You accomplish so much with small children...makes me dizzy just thinking about it!


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