Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well turd, I can not post the post I wanted to Post

Today while the babies were napping - I spent time taking step by step photos to make a blog post on how I make my mini 9 patches s a little larger then trim down to the perfect size...and just now as I am posting the part 1 - I see that I did it WRONG!

I cut the wrong set at 1.5" and the wrong set at 2" they are backwards! URGH! Everything was looking good before I started cutting!**see photo above**

Well, there's no use posting it public yet- don't want to confuse anyone - so tomorrow I will redo it with another color set.... maybe tomorrow I can post it.... all the wording is done - just need new photos that are correct!

On the bright side, maybe this time I'll get some photos of how I pressed the seams too? as I had forgotten that part. ~bonnie

Love from Texas!


  1. Well, darn it, I hate it when that happens! They still look good to me.

  2. I am looking forward to the nine patch tutorial. I was thinking the mini nine patches would make a cute baby quilt.

  3. Looks good to me...but I really like Nora's Chocolate bar photo!

  4. Thanks that is what I needed.


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