Monday, June 16, 2008

Wanna "Flip" a "Floppy"?

Funny title hua? Are you wondering if I'm giving away a flip flop???? no, but there is a give-away going on .... as in a blog give-away... and being corny I thought that would be a good way to describe the prize up for grabs! (I think of the silliest things while I am sitting breastfeeding)

See, finished tops are often referred to as flimsies - in this case a floppy... play with me here - it's floppy if it's not quilted, right? ;) and often on the HGTV shows they are flipping houses, getting them fixed up to sell again... so.... Jackie's prize for her blog-give-away is you can win one of your quilts to be quilted for FREE*!!! She will even provide the batting and pay for shipping to return it to you, all you gotta do is get it to her. (*up to a twin size)

So if you want to "Flip" one a "Floppy" you have stuck in the closet somewhere head on over to Jackie's blog at Canton Village Quilt Works and check out her post from 06/14/08 where she gives all the details on how to go about signing up for a chance to win! You have from now until her Birthday 6/23 to enter :)

(((Jackie, posting a good blog entry and link should qualify as an extra entry don't you think??? Rather than a simple one liner... aaahhh, I can dream right! LOL :c) )))

Love from Texas!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on this, what a great prize...oh, I forgot about the SweetP one. I'll have to check it out and see if I can still get in on that one too.
    Thanks again...

  2. Can you believe this? I think this is the best giveaway I've ever seen in blogland. I'm so with you on the unfinished list...I've taken on Peg's challenge at Happy in Quilting to have 5 tops done by the end of July. I hope it will push me to stop with the starting and actually finish something!


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