Monday, November 10, 2008

another swap for 2009

I love swaps... and for a couple years have been very good and have even "not looked" at many thread topics that looked fun. or waited until after the deadline to sign up - then peaked in to see photos :D

Well, on the HGTV message boards... there have been a few swaps for string blocks - and now the swappers even Choose their string preferences, which is cool... they call it CYOS (Choose You Own Center String Swap)

My friend crazy'boutquilts is hosting the next round for Feb 2009. I think this is about the 3rd or 4th CYOS now... everyone makes 4 blocks in the swappers choice colors and mails to them anytime between now and Feb 2009.

I haven't had time to start -unless you call buying muslin and washing it starting.... however some swappers are already on the ball and have made blocks for me!!! I've already received two envelopes.

I choose 1930's around a WHITE center string with a request of 1 red background string in each block :) Aren't they beautiful?!

oooough this is gonna be so fun! but don't expect to see any progress from me until the Green Mini's are swapped and out of here.

Love from Texas!


  1. Ooh the red just pops on those string blocks! Must make these kind of blocks, one day ...

  2. I need to try my hand at those blocks. Are they hard?

  3. One of the prettiest HeartStrings tops I've quilted was pieced by Deborah from 30's prints. This is going to be lovely.


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