Monday, November 17, 2008

Round 3: Mini Greens are on their way home

anyone here???? yall are so quiet...or have you all given up on me? I hope not! I do have good news!!! All packages for our Round 3 mini 9-patch swap shipped out today! I loaded up all the kids and drove 30 minutes one way to another town's PO (((there's no way I'm gonna park my double stroller on a wooden out door ramp and wait for my turn at the window in a travel trailer that our PO is working out of)))

Anyway, Those of you that had requested a Delivery Confirmation # - I sent you all a PM with those numbers. and I came out about even with the money that you sent. It cost me $36 and those of you who didn't do the SASE and sent money instead... sent in about $34 and change.. not bad ea? I'm happy! and actually this is the preferred way for me now... those packages go so much faster...so if anyone who hasn't tried it - next mailing you can just write me a check for the same amount that it costs to ship to me or send cash, some send cash.. either is fine.

aaaahhh... and tomorrow I am gonna spread out all my minis and take a photo of them. So far fo the year, this round we had the smallest group of swappers - only had 23 swappers. (and at the beginning I had to cut off isgnups at 40 and took waiting list)

But for me, it was my personal largest - I had 8 finished sets by the time the last package arrived.. if not I would have only had 5... but i kept on keeping on as I have with all the other colors in my free time for the POTLUCK swap for 2009.

Below is a photo of my 8 sets on the right, and the Hostess Gift Leftovers that my swappers gave to me this round - a total of 50 extra! :)
......and speaking of Potluck - I know everyone is busy with holidays... so there is no point to make them due in Jan.. that'd be nuts. Plus in Jan I'm gonna be starting sign ups and emailing for the FQBingo... plus in Jan I'll have a dining room table full of Round 4 - swapping them out and returning them...

so to give everyone a break and chance to take a breath or two... how about we have a due date for the potluck the end of MARCH 2009? everyone will have time to get out all of their swapped blocks, look thru, decide if they want more, make more, and send in I know that will help me out a lot.

I still have blues and browns that need the 3rd row sewn onto... b/c I didn't get round to finishing all the sets I had started...and of coarse anyone i welcome for the potluck just let me know if you plan to swap in the March '09 potluck/make up swap... it helps to have an idea on how many to expect. thanks. ;)

Oh how I can't wait for you all to see your greenie goodies!!! oh, and i sent something i have never sent in the mail before...you'll have to wait to see what it is...(each of you got another gifty from me.. I hope you like it)

Thanks again to all of my swappers! You all are the Best! :) :) :) I soooo appreciate your understanding and being so patient with me. It's been a crazy unpredictable Round this time... but in the end all was good! I'm so glad that our two missing packages FINALLY showed up over a month after Hurricane Ike! ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. Oh, is it getting that close to FQ Bingo time again? I didn't win last year but still had fun playing. Hope you will put a notice here on your blog as I cannot keep up with message boards.

  2. Your pictures are tantalizing... if only I knew I could actually finish 9-patches in a timely manner. I'm glad you're having so much fun!


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