Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm ritch, I'm ritch! :)

Yep, that is what I feel like shouting... like a kid with a coffee can full on nickels! only mine are fabric nickels!!! ;P and I'm rich!

When I first fond the HGTV quilter's board I immediately got sucked in to the world of swapping... well it took me about a year to realize I just really couldn't "AFFORD" to swap anymore... so then I started hosting and only participating in my own swaps.

That saved lots of shipping - ;) well... recently I saw a swap for nickel charms.. and the color theme was "stash" so I said, "I've been good for a few years... yeah, I'm gonna sign up!"

and I did - I sent in 10 sets of 10 and am SOOOOooo glad I did! These are all so great! A variety of everything - CW, and even a few 30's in there. And if you are counting... YES, there are MORE than 100 there. :) The hostess, sent me a few more b/c she knows I love plaids and stripes... and she's one of my swappers in my mini swap...

I think I may be peaking in at her nickels swaps again in 2009 ;) I just can't help it! Maybe you wanna swap too and get rich! :c)

Love from Texas!


  1. Sometimes swaps are just SO hard to resist :^) I think you hit the jackpot with all those loverly squares, so what are you going to do with them, huh?

  2. I used to do a lot of swapping. It's fun and you get to meet so many nice people via the notes & letters that come with them. I did charm square trades and quilt blocks of specific variety. I was not aware that HGTV had info on swaps.


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