Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mail Call - oh baby do we have mail!

While we were in KY last week for Thanksgiving our mail was on hold...
it was suppose to resume Monday.. but as usual they were a bit late.

So after a few calls our mail lady showed up yesterday with a crate full of junk mail, bills, magazines, catalogs... and a FEW PACKAGES!!! Both string blocks and minis!!

while the babies napped today, I spent the afternoon opening up each baggie and dealing them out into sets of 10 different... it was fun and relaxing.. and in a few weeks I'll be thankful I set them up as that will help make the swapping go faster. :)
... so did I set up any online bill payments...? naaa! I'll save that for David to do tonight. ;) for me - I went stright to opening the packages first!!!.. aren't these lovely!?!?!
and how about these pictured above... LEFTOVERS!!! whooo hooo! love them!!! Thanks!!!
and more string blocks... man these swappers are really on the ball - I don't remember exactly how many I have now... but several. These are from quiltnanny.. it amazes me how I've collected 1930's fabrics for a few years and I am STILL seeing or rather "meeting" new fabrics when new blocks arrive! :) :) :)

and here are my blocks from KC1930 ...she sent a few more b/c she's one of the FEW swappers I have agreed to swap more than the required 4 blocks with (since we are both 1930's lovers) ;)

again, I la,la,love all of my blocks! I only wish I had a design wall to hang them on as they arrive in the mail so I could enjoy them and look at them and drool over everyday...

Maybe I need to have a talk with Santa about that!! LOL

Love from Texas!


  1. Great photo's Bonnie! I'll be working on mini's this weekend for Quiltathon. ;-)

  2. Welcome back. You've got a bunch of lovely blocks there.

  3. Ughhh I missed 30's String blocks??? I really need to watch that board more... It would be really great if we could get it to tell us when key words are posted like 30's or Bingo..LOL

    Beautiful Blocks...
    The kids are getting so big and the Twins are almost at the terrible twos!! But no sweat twos and three are a breeze! It's the puberty years ..... Never mind you have 10 years before Nora hits there...
    Merry Christmas Happy New Year see ya for Bingo...


  4. Love, love, love all your blocks! They are much more compelling than any bill paying, certainly... I'm with you! Thanks for sharing your mail...


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