Friday, December 26, 2008

A Past Due Thank You

I'm so ashamed... I am sitting here, barely able to hold my head up enough to see what it is I am typing...

Why am I so ashamed you wonder.. well I put off and put off something that should have been done a long time before now.. one of my wonderful mini swappers Crazyboutquilts mailed her Round 4 purple and gold minis about a week before Christmas... David had brought in the mail b/c on that day it was too cold for me to leave the house. LOL.. and that night by the time the kids were in bed..I was too tired to open it.

Anyway, I posted on the HGTV board that I had received it but hadn't opened it yet... then a couple days later I did open her minis and guess what she included for little ole me? THIS!

Isn't it so pretty! I think she used one or two Santa tea towels and a folded potholder with a button closure. Gives it a quilted look and doesn't go missing! It actually stays on the oven door handle... believe me the twins have both tested it out ;) I love it and feel especially special that Crazy would make this for little ole me! ;) TY-TY-Thank You Crazy!!!

Edited to add:
and what do you think about the baby view of the towel? LOL I was in the floor for a reason I forget now.. and had the camera.. and thought why not try a pic from this angle. LOL Aaahh, so this is what the babies see when they look up for me and grunt "ILK" "ILK" (how they say milk)

Love from Texas!


  1. I really like the towel CBQ made you. But have to tell you how I got a good laugh of your edit. Now I never payed ant attention to the angel of the shot until you mentioned it. I got a visual of you down in that floor taking that pic and had to laugh. I can see why the twins would want a taste the colors look yummy.

  2. You are very welcome Bonnie!~ I like the kids eye view too! ;) Have a Happy New Year!!


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