Sunday, December 28, 2008

my mini progress for Round 4

has been super slow! I feel like such a LOOSER! b/c I haven't spent any time much on making my own minis for Round 4 the final round for the year - we're swappin purples and golds... and there are so many super scrumptious, mouth watering cute little 9 patches arriving in the mail each day now... and I'm gonna be lucky if I can get mine own made in time! aak!

uham, swappers, do as I say not as I do! LOL :P b/c I'd so love to have swapped 10 sets each round... but I guess a few is better than none.

I won't go into the whole list of why nots... not b/c I haven't had the time - a I get as many hours in a day as the rest of the world - but the main reason is that I just have been too tired and lazy at night after the kids are in bed.
Somehow, however I'm not too tired to sit down with the computer a few hours each night though. (I'm gonna work on that for 2009) and another reason I feel like a looser is b/c above in the photo of the white/gold/white you'll notice I cut way more than 10... (10 per set) and now I don't have enough fabric left over to make the other segment to finish the extras... SIGH!
I'm pretty sure this FQ came from Granny's Attic - when I went home to KY for Thanksgiving... so hopefully I can email Karen and ask her to take a look at my "closeup" at the top of this post and see if she has any more of it and order it from her.


These are two of my three yellow sets I made... and although I didn't think I'd make the deadline for making any purples - I did set aside these three fabrics...

and lucky for me I'm still waiting on 5-6 people to mail their packages, I'll go ahead and start cutting and sewing and see if I can get any done before the rest of the swappers arrive.
As soon as everyone else is here, I'll clear off the table and begin the swapping... if my purples are done fine, if not fine. We will be having a POTLUCK / make up due the end of March '09 so what I don't finish now can be swapped later.

Love from Texas!


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