Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm Ready for another road trip

We just got home Sunday after nearly 17 hours driving in the van... *whew*...and here I am getting ready for another road trip.

Well, not a long one, but the twins won't understand once I try putting them in their carseats today... I'm almost certian they will both put up a fight once they see those car seats...

We're going to the USPS (out of town no less) but thankfully it's only a 20 min drive there... I plan to go right after we pick up Nora after PreK today.

and as much as I'd love to VEG out today and do nothing, I'm not gonna let myself do that.

So this morning while the twins napped.. I did this. ===>

packaged up Sunshine Charity Blocks for my friends Califshrimp & Wiley....over on the HGTV board...

mailed more flannel scraps that I found while looking for something else in my sewing room closet. I'm more than happy to shar them with someone who will USE them... I learned last month that "piecing" with flannel isn't "MY" thing... although I do love flannel quilts!

sent a little gifty for JudyL..shhhhh! don't tell her...

and a Thank You gifty for THE Bonnie of quiltville. (love her recent blog entries of the Mt. Dew Tree by the way)

mailed the last of the Blender's Buy in to Susan_TN which I picked up while I was in Kentucky last week and dropped in on Karen at her shop - Granny's Attic :)

and in that tiny lime green envelope - is a little gifty to my cousin who now goes to Western KY University (where David and I went) - Rachael was our flower girl when we married! I found some face tattoos of Big Red - who knows if they will still stick or not... but I think she'll find out soon enough ;)

Love from Texas!


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