Thursday, October 30, 2008

a photo to share

Well what do you know..?

While looking for somehting else this afternoon, I found the digital camera David broke in May (rollin around on floor playing with kids with camera and KEYS in his pants pocket - smash = broken screen)

Anyway it does still tke photos you just don't know what you are getting until you download them on the computer...and had I known I had so much carpet in the photo I would have moved in closer.

But on a good note... WHEW! at least we'll have a back up for Halloween!! and taking photos of the kids! :) also Kathy suggested buying a disposable camera ((good idea)) and I still may do that too ;) thanks!

So the block is one of two that I made for the November HGTV Sunshine Quilters hostess. (They were both exactly alike) Other than sewing flannel Bonnie Blankets, this was the first time I had used flannel to make quilt blocks. ..... andalthought i washed and ironed many more colros in hopes to make more than the required two blocks... I doubt I will bother as I just didn't enjoy using the flannel to piece with. :( just not my thing. I do like flannel quilts that I have seen, I just dont' prefer to use it myself.

I think I will contact ssharon334 and see if she'd accept my extra flannel to use either fo rmore blocks and if so, I could precut.. or perhaps to use as scrappy backings for the quit tops she plans to put together?

Wish us luck with Cannon - while meeting David for lunch otday I whined about th ecamera and he contacted Circut City and of course there is NOTHING they will do for us since we didn't buy the extended warranty on the camera... but since we purchased it in June, we should be covered under the warranty... let's hope!

Until now we've had only Cannon's. We love them! Since 1997 we have owned 4 of them... I don't know why we didn't buy the extended warranity??? You'd think as rough as we are on them, we would have!#^!**$#>

Love from Texas!


  1. glad you found the other camera with photos on it to share with us :^)

  2. The camera took a pretty picture of your cute quilt blog. But I am glad you found your other camera with quilt photo's.


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