Friday, October 3, 2008

more and more minis ;)

I think I'm becoming a "hostaholic" if not one already.... well actually ...now that I think about it... scratch that -I've always been a "hostaholic" from the very beginning but just now realizing it! :P LOL

I love getting packages in the mailbox! and if you host a swap, you are guaranteed to get packages! :P it is so fun to be the first to open and see what everyone made... LaLaLoooove being a hostess!

So here are photos of the ones that arrived yesterday - a total of 7 packages with a combined total of 560 cuttie tooties! So grab a cuppa and "ENJOY THE SHOW" :)

These were from "QuiltTX." She has a great system for organizing her sets. Her index cards are all typed out... love them and her EAZY peazy freezer bags that are every hostesses favorite ;) Thanks QuiltTX for the extra FQ. I love country looking fabrics but don't have many of my own yet. ;)

and this box is from "quiltsewpieceful" = aka my super swapper overachiever! ;) You know that little ole sayin' about the one with the most wins... well she is gonna be the winner when this whole swap is said and done! :) She sent in the most sets again this month.

These are from "luckirish" - ooough, ooough, oough can you guess WHAT's in that baggie in the front...! LEFTOVER blocks for little ole me!!! :D :D :D my swappers are the bestest! They really know what I like and need and cover all the bases! :) Thanks luckirish for the extra 12 blocks!
these are from "KWILT4U"... again more beautiful greens in a variety of shades! :) another thing I love about hosting is SEEING fabrics I have never seen before or may never see again... like passing people in an airport... I'm always dumbfounded at how there can be so many unique people... just like fabrics! :)
"catec7" sent in a package of sewing machine needles with her minis - SEE I told you my swappers spoil me! I think they all talk behind my back or something to make sure that they cover all aspects of what I could use or need. LOL :) Honestly I can not remember when the last time I changed my needle other than it breaking - so now i have a solution to that problem! :) Thanks catec7!
These cutie tooties are from San, another faithful ziplock user ;) LaLaLove those freezer bags!
.......opps I think my finger got in the photo again - sorry about that... and that set on the far right bottom are my favorite..... yep I'll pick one of those for me for SURE! :)" HunterHI" sent in four sets... and I think that extra $0.50 is for postage I paid on hers last round??? or she wants a delivery confirmation this time... not sure so I will have to email her and ask to make sure. So often swappers email me and tell me they're gonna send me some money next go round but then by the next go round I forget.... and to even think of sorting thru all my boogles and boogles of emails to reread and find out makes my head hurt to think about it... so thankfully my swappers are pretty forgiving and remind me when I forget! :) Did I mention that I have the best swappers EVAH! :D


and for today's mail... I thought there may be another USPS Mail Crate but there wasn't. Maybe tomorrow. :)

I received two packages today 10/3/08. The first from "Dot128" Thanks for the shipping label Dot! That saves me time at the PO ;)
...and you'll have to click and make larger to see - but I just LOVE the one on the far right! Isn't that what Bonnie Hunter calls "Poison Green"???? :P

and the last photo is from "nancyc20"....who I so wish I could have as neat of penmanship as she does.... *sigh* I scattered her sets about so that her address labels would not show. (that's why the check is thrown in upside down to cover those last two bags) ;) Some swappers send me a check for the postage rather than a SASE which works for me! :) OH, and see that one set that is not like the others??? yep, sweet swapper "nancyc20" made me a very special hostess set in RED! :) I'll have no problems remembering that those are for ME to KEEP, now will I? :)
.....and I have been known to RETURN hostess gifts back to the swapper - I forget who's but I have done it twice that I know of... :P Not that I didn't want the gifts... I just keep it all together in the envelopes until I am mailing back so I don't forget who sent what and to make sure I write a TY card to each of them... and somehow I forgot to remove the gift twice! (twice, that I know of. :P)

Well that concludes the photo shoot :) I hope it was as fun for you as it was for me... the real fun will start probably this time next week when they're all laid out on the dining room table all together...all 1790 of them! :P

...........and I haven't forgotten about the "Bonnie Blanket tutorial... but as you can see I'm up to my eyeballs in minis.. let me get those swapped first K?
Happy Weekend Everyone and thanks for visiting my blog. :) please leave a comment and tell me you stopped by won't cha? ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. Very cool...let me know when you're doing your next one as I've never had the pleasure!~

  2. Bonnie, it looks like you are up to your ears in minis. Love to keep an eye on what you all are swapping. They are all so cute.


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