Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Here's a photo of my 2 newest, most favorite books in the whole wide world! Bonnie's 1st book "Scraps & Shirttials" and one of Nora's newest favorite books. "Go, Go, Go" is very first book that Nora can read every word all by herself!!! :P I'm so proud of her.

I did read Bonnie say this week that her book is currently sold out and she's expecting a couple weeks delay on orderig... I ordered directly form the pickledish website that Bonnie listed a while back before she said she would be taking personal orders to sign.

((I figure I'll give this one a good lookin thru - then gift it and reorder a signed copy to keep))

My copy arrived yesterday and I didn't even know it! I didn't get around to opening mail unitl this morning... David has been working such long hours since IKE so that left me to doing all the baths for the kids so I was to tired to even "think" about reentering the kitchen last night... so I missed the mail....but so glad to have it now!
It is even better than i had imagined. I love every page!!! Thanks so much Bonnie!!!! We your fans love you so much!
Love from Texas!


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