Sunday, October 19, 2008

Goodwill Blues...

Well today (Sunday) was the sale day for my local Goodwill... they are in a new location here in our town - which is about 3 times larger... which is nice. Apparently they didn't keep the same phone line b/c before going I tried to call ahead to see if Blue tags were on sale for $0.99 or not... (last week while shopping, I saw a lot of shirts I liked with blue tags)

Have I got it bad or what!!!%^%$!LOL

Well I drove on down there and as I pulled up to park I noticed the colored signs on the door - PINK and GREEN tags on sale for $0.99. I went in anyway.. and started browsing and flipping thru shirts just to see what I might find.

Nothing like last Sunday, that's for sure... but I did notice something new to me... something very different...usually everything on the rack is for sale Reg. Price for $3.99 each... then each week, they have their tag sale where they pick two colors to b on sale for $0.99.

Well, NOW they have "SPECIALTY SELECTED" items with REAL PAPER Price Tags that are marked $5.49..and those I am told will NEVER go on sale...!

nevertheless, I flipped, and flipped, hangar after hangar... and just a two foot section, counted over 30 shirts with the $5.49 paper tags on them... nearly everything has this newer price system which is a lot higher!

What a bummer!!! They didn't do this at the previous store location... waaaaaah!!!

Today I only purchased 4 or 5 to add to my shirt collection... and will edit and add a photo when I find my camera :P

Love from Texas!

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  1. I'm afraid this is the way things are changing in NC too. My goodwill is up to 4.50 for mens shirts. I think they have found out about us scrap lovers.



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