Monday, October 20, 2008

Mail Call from GRANNY'S ATTIC

"Wwhooo HOoooo" - I have been waiting and waiting to open this box! It has my blenders from the Buy-in that I helped organize over on the HGTV board... plus some CW 1/2 yard cuts I ordered along with some notions and other goodies for Nora... I can't tell you how hard it's been for me to wait to open this box up!

Here are the Quilter's Choice Marbled Blenders that were selected or our recent Buy-In from the HGTV board along with a special TY gifty that Karen owner of Granny's Attic included with each order! What a nice surprise for all of us, don't cha think!? ;) Nora loved counting the "pretties."

My box actually arrived on Saturday, but we didn't discover it in the mailbox until we got home that night - and since Karen at Granny's Attic had told me that she had something for Nora on top... I thought it'd be best to wait 'till the next day to open since it was already dark and we'd be going in the house to go up for bath and bed... I knew she had left behind a piece f flannel fabric with baby hand prints on it when we were visiting her shop in KY last month... and so I figured that was what was on top... sure enough it was - along with something extra special for Nora... POLKA DOTS! She had begged me and begged me to buy them when we were at the shop!

aren't they cute? and Nora noticed immediately that each color had an "OFF-A-SET" :) and told me - look mom one with yellow dots, one with white dots - one with red dots, one with white dots...and on down the line... then she said, "It has a pattern! Each dot has an off-a-set!" :)

and Look...there's even a roll of fabric behind the dots that she said she thought would make pretty PJ bottoms... :) we'll have to work on that for sure!

So why did we wait to open the box today ... sorry I left you hanging didn't I?
...well the following day at church, I found out that Nora hadn't told me the truth on her behavior at school *urgh* - her teacher goes to our church and had asked me if I got her letter and NO I had NOT - Nora had hid it under my bed during her nap time Friday afternoon!!! ** I was so disappointed, and embarrassed**

So she didn't get to open her box form Granny's Attic that day/night either - that wasn't her punishment b/c as she had no idea that the box had arrived... but I didn't' think she deserved anything extra until the weekend was over and she had gone back to school and earned good behavior - if so then Monday after her nap, we'd open it.. if not we'd wait until Tuesday... trust me her punishment was much worse -but we won't talk about that...
Well today she had good behavior, so here she is opening it today after her nap. I cut it open and told her to wait while i got the camera, which she did - then I took a few photos -and thought, "OH, I know! Take a video so Karen can WATCH and see it almost live!" :P
Well CRAP - I tried 4 times and waited and waited for it to download before discovering it has to be 100MB or less in size... and wouldn't you know mine is 189MB *waaaa!* I'll try uploading it to youtube.com and then post here later. I do want you to see Karen :) It was cute.
....and finally the best for last - the surprise for me - I ordered a selection of CW's and just told Karen to surprise me - and I love all of them! I am lacking in "lights" also known as shirting's so I told her to pick a majority of those... which she did.... ooooogh aren't they lovely. I'm drooling over them still as I look at them here on the computer screen! LOL :P Rolled up or laid out - they are beautiful 1/2 yard cuts.

Thanks Granny's Attic!!! You out did yourself with such super duper customer satisfaction! :)We are tickled with our fabric purchases and thanks for the gifts for both Nora and I ;) You are super kind .... just like a true country girl from 'tucky! :)
.,...and I will try and figure out youtube.com and see if I can get my video posted for you to see... I'll email you when I do so you'll know to check back. ;) k? OK! :P

Love from Texas!


  1. Wow, that's some great shopping! Haven't been by for a little while, i can't believe the twins got so big, wow!..and Nora.
    Have a great day, Tracey

  2. Oh goodness what beautiful fabrics. I am sooooo jealous.
    Happy sewing!!!!

  3. Bonnie, the fabric is beautiful. I love the polka dots too. I'll go for a visit on her site and see if she has more fabrics posted yet.


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