Saturday, October 18, 2008

Quilting Bloggers get listed

I made some updates over to the right in my side bar. I figured since the "Fall into Fall" was over I'd remove that link... and also since the quilt give-away is over I'd remove that button too...

and while I was updating I ventured out and did something a little crazy for me... I registered with "Quilting Bloggers" by submitting them my blog addy and waiting for their email to see if or not I'd be accepted into their regitery... and I was! :eek: :P Now my blog is included with thousands of others :P

...you see, this is exciting b/c I have never participated in a "real blog ring" before... although I have always wanted to... but being realistic, I won't fool myself into thinking I'm blog ring wothy.... I just know I wouldn't be able to keep up with the guidelines of maintaining an active status.. (I am the mom of Nora, Oliva & Paul Thomas = all 4 and under by the way = nuff said) LOL

However I do enjoy blog hopping around rings such as Qult Mavericks and StashQuilts (which are bot closed for new memberships) and Hearstrings Quilt Project but I feel that I probably get as much traffic coming to my blog without being a member of a ring as I would with a ring... ;)

My secret? When bloghoppin and visiting leave comments often! :) Chances the blogger I am commenting to will visit me upon reading my comment... and also when others read/leave comments they'll see me and click on by too for a visit.

So far that has been working for me. ;)

and while talking about visiting blogs... don't forget to look over to the right for the list of my HGTV Quilting Friends blogs... just the most recent updated ones are listed so it changes from time to time. We're not a ring.. but I decided a while back to list them on my blog in hopes to help get them more traffic... If I knew how to make a ring of us I would... but i don't so I'm not gonna worry with it.

Love from Texas!


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