Monday, October 13, 2008

Tinker Bell

Hey everyone... guess what we started over the weekend??? Nora's Tinker Bell throw - aka "Bonnie Blanket" :)

I don't have a tutorial ready yet - but please be patient... it's in the works. :)

I still have to swap out the minis from this past round...... but since we have 3 packages missing in action (due to IKE)

I'm giving them one week to show up before swapping... Please join me in crossing your toes * you can still use your machine's foot pedal for sewing with toes crossed * ... whereas, crossin fingers can be very dangerous for rotary cutting and sewing ;) Please DO NOT attempt!

And do you notice her new little friend... the stuffed cow she's holding??? That is "Callie" the preschool mascot for her class. Each weekend Callie goes home with the student with the BEST Behavior for the week!!!! I was so excited to meet Callie and we all had a great weekend with her.

Love from Texas!


  1. Your DD loves spending time with Callie the Cow, I can tell by how's she's holding her. Love love love the Tinkerbell fabric. Lucky DD! Looking forward to the tutorial too!

  2. Nora is growing so fast... I'm looking forward to the tutorial to make a few blankets for Christmas



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