Friday, October 17, 2008

what I would do if I won...

Ok, I know i didn't give most of you a fair chance at winning that quilt that Elizabeth made... but HONESTLY I only learned about it today myslef... and wanted as many chances as possible to win so I posted here ;) not to tease you... but to increase my chances... :)

and I have been thinking of it all day - I know I'm not gonna be the winner... it'd be a slim chance to get picked b/c she had over 1000 comments and probably most of them did as I did and posted on their blog to get more entries... so the chance that my name will be picked is like 1 in 5000!

....but if I did win the quilt... I know exactly what I'd do with it - I'd take it to the Bridge City Library to donate so they could use it for a fundraiser!
The people there are like familiy to the kids and I - it was a great day when I got a phone call from the ladies at Story Time saying Nora and I could had been picked to come to their Wednesday Lap Sit Program. When we moved here I got on the wait list (small class for only 20 kids) and ever since we have been going.
Now for you it may sound silly, but for us Story Time is something we needed - b/c it meant meeting moms and other kids around Nora's age! Which equaled FRIENDSHIPS for both of us = which meant me not so lonely and hating this new town... :)

...and since the BC Library is so small - when they built it - they only had built 1/2 of it and for the past 3 years have been raising money to fund the cost of building the 2nd half of the library... and earlier this year they were down to the last $1000 needed... but now after IKE they are having to start all over! Everything was ruined!

So IF I win this quilt, I will donate it so they can sell tickets or auciton it off - in hopes to raise a lot of money for their rebuilding of the library and the supplies needed to get it back to what it was before IKE.

The kids and I sooooo miss going to Story Time each week. and until the mess is all cleaned up - it could take longer than a year before they are back up and going. :(

Who ever wins this quit - will love it. It is a bright and cheerful pattern. I jsut had to post another photo to show you the whole top... :) Elizabeth did a great job on it didn't she?? I hear it is raw edge applique - I bet it is soft.
Happy Weekend & Love from Texas!


  1. You're a good person, Bonnie! I'd probably put it up on the wall at my house!

  2. I have a proposition for you! If you don't win it, how about I donate a quilt to be used to raise money for the Bridge City library?

  3. Bonnie, I hope you will win that quilt! Hurricane Ike sure did a lot of damage.


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