Thursday, October 30, 2008

well drat :(

nothing real exciting to report... although I have made two charity blocks for the HGTV Sunshine Group this week :) I may not be able to make "whole quilts" but a block or two to be part of a quilt helps me feel connected :)

I'd share a photo with you - but my "NEW" (as in, just purchased in June of this year) digital camera is BROKEN!!! I'm feelin a little bummed about it too b/c Halloween is coming up and I will not be able to get any photos of the twins in their 1st costumes! The camera works ONLY on video mode. It will not switch over. Whaaaa! :(

and other news to report, I'm spending today cleaning to my dining room - all of this year I've little by little brought sewing stuff downstairs so that I could work on this or work on that... then never returning it back to the sewing room upstairs. I know, I know... bad Bonnie!

Actually the messy dining room doesn't bother me at all... but b/c of the room's weird location in our house... between kitchen and den on the back of the house... and not up by the front door like most homes... we pass by it ALL the time. 10-12 times a day, coming and going, and it is driving my husband C-R-A-Z-Y...

So, I'll take it all back upstairs and who knows when if ever I'll get to use my sewing machine ever again since the only time I really get a chance to sit and sew is when the kids are in the den playing or napping...

I certainly won't be able to be upstairs while they're down stairs playing. I need to be close by and able to hear what's going on... and I don't know if sewing across the hall while they are napping will work either??? we'll see.

I just want to show my husband I do respect him and help to make him happy. Who knows maybe if I get it all cleaned out we can actually invite another couple over for dinner! ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. Sorry to hear about your camera :^(
    But your package arrived today :^)))
    thank you Bonnie! cheers QGB

  2. Bonnie,
    Pick up a disposable camera to take halloween pictures. They do take pretty good pictures in a pinch.
    I know what you mean about having your sewing stuff in the living area. Mine is in one end of the living room. My sewing machine is out in the open, but the sofa hides all the other stuff. Then again what isn't in the living room is in the bedroom. LOL He just can't get away from any of it.

  3. I would have loved to seen the kids in their costumes. Hopefully you will find a little time for sewing.

  4. Oh, yes! You'll get to sew again. In 20 or so years, they'll all be gone! I remember taking my sewing machine, folding table, and ironing board out on the patio so I could watch Chad play in the back yard while I sewed. I remember the desperation of not getting to sew. I'm sorry that it's difficult for you to find sewing time. Is there a reset button or anything with the camera? That's pretty aggravating!


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