Thursday, October 2, 2008

MMMMmmmmm Blenders :)

Look what Nora and I picked out while we were in KY visiting Granny's Attic!! :P On the HGTV boards we have been chattin about doing a Buy-In for blenders and these Quilter's Choice Marbled Blenders have a great feel to them and the price is a steal of a deal! and b/c I found them while they were on sale 10% off the store owner said she'd give us the sale price when we are ready to place our order for the Buy-In! :) :) :) Yeaaaaaa!

and I can hear what you are thinking "How in the world does bingo~bonnie have TIME for this?????"
and your right... I DON'T -especially with the minis going full force! :P but thankfully "Daisy the Chocolate Mouse" who has coordinated "Buy-Ins" on the boards before has graciously stepped up to pull this all together and host it for us! :) She is really helping show me the ropes and I'm just the subject starter, cheerleader, get everyone all excited about these wonderful fabrics I found at Granny's Attic!!! :) :) :)
and who knows... maybe next year (((2009))) I'll even host a buy in of my own... I've been thinking about it and I think it may even require less work than swapping blocks... if it's FQs... all I'd have to do is snip and rip... everyone gets dealt the same number... package up... print off mailing labels... and take to the mailing place. :P - - - - - -OK, OK, OK, stop thinking about it bonnie and stay focused. :P one thing at a time. :P

That USPS crate in the background are holding all the mini 9's that came today... I'll get them opened, posted and photographed and share here tomorrow...
and JudyL - I know you are eyeballing those lime greens *giggle*giggle* :P

Love from Texas!


  1. You're so right. In fact, I'd love all those greens and I actually need some mini 9 patches. You're causing me to drool on my keyboard!

  2. hi, bingo-bonnie it sure was hard find your blog site. typed in bingobonnieblogspots.com found you at naptime news and no good for your family.I do enjoy your site.Always lol


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