Monday, October 13, 2008

lookie, lookie, looookie :)

Our local GoodWill just recently moved to a new location. The new store is not only 3xs the size of the old place but today was full of green and pink tags (the colors chosen to be on sale for $0.99)

Today while brousing the shirts, I noticed tons tagged with blue colored tags... so next Sunday after they open I'll call and ask what the sale colors are - and if they say blue I'll zip down there - if not blue then I'll skip a week. ;)

I speant most of my time over in the men's department but before goign to the checkout I did stroll by the kids... and look at this beautiful crocheted shaw! It will be perfect for Oliva to wear to church this fall/winter! and it was only $0.99!

and the yellow dress hanging behind the shaw.. It needs washing/ironing but that's no big deal I ALWAYS wash everything from the GoodWill... but I thought it was so cute and that my neice in Kentucky would like it next summer ;) She's 10 and growing up so fast.
and these little reigndeer pajamas are just too cute and about the softest thing I have ever felt before in my life. They are sized 18 months... and the twins will be 18 months old in December... however probably not ready for that size until another 3-4 motnhs later.. but I don't care.. they are still super cute! and in the backgorund are two pairs stretch pants in Halloween colors. One pair for Nora this year and the other pair 24 monts for Olivia next year. Hey, for $0.99/pair why not buy ahead? ;) I also got a few other items for the kids that you see on the table in front of the shirts....

Oh and I also bought a black/white check dress for Olivia for this winter... darn it - seems I missed getting a pic of it... again only $0.99! And I am pretty sure I have a dress similar to match it for Nora to wear... that I bought last year when their tag sales were only $0.50/each! :P

Gotta love the GoodWill!!! There is no telling how many men's shirts I have... too many to count that's for sure.... I really need to sort thur them and maybe fold organize them to see what colors I am lacking. I probaly don't need to buy anymore reds or blues!

No doubt, I have more than enough to make something from Bonnie Hunter's new book, "Scraps & Shirttails" .... but until the swap for 9-patch minis is over I'm not gonna start anything new... just plan, buy, plan, buy, think of a swap idea, buy.... you get the idea! :)

Has anyone else started combing the thrift stores for shirts? If so please share - we bonnie fans would love to know! and see your shirt stash!!
Love from Texas!


  1. I just love the little crocheted coat. Wish I had some tiny grands I'd try to mimic that pattern, but all are now over 6 yrs. old..darn

    What a great shirt stash! I'd love to start collecting shirts, but I won't until I have all 5 snowman & Christmas quilts finished..this year it's gonna happen!

  2. Wow - you did good! The crocheted coats is absolutely gorgeous, thanks to some doting crochet-er.

    I've recently finished a "shirt" quilt, or "Mission Store" that is my new best-favorite - check out my Sept. 29 (bottom). I started this before Bonnie's books, but I also, am a great fan of hers! The quilt includes both Mission Store shirts and left-over fabric from making DH shirts.

    I live in a small town, and frequently, the Mission Store is THE place to shop - Not only do we find bargains, but we support this much-needed bargain opportunity!

  3. I love thrift shops (and yard and garage sales, too)!!!

  4. Wow! You certainly got some wonderful deals! I wish we had something like that in our local area!!
    Great job!

  5. Neat finds Bonnie! Love Olivia's new sweater. :-) I am not finding good thrift shop deals on shirts~ so far I have 2. :-( I don't think the tag sales are as good here, they are 50% off, which still amts to $2+/shirt.... but I'll keep hunting, I'm in no hurry. :-)


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