Monday, August 24, 2009

Announcing another Blog-give-a-way!

Why can't I get back into the blogging mode??? perhaps it's b/c my laptop is still broke down and the Dell guy came last week and was gone in less than 10 minuites not fixing anything but then "closing the work order" and we have had to give Dell another big ear full! urgh!

it stinks not being able to post with photos so perhaps that is why I've been away... also it doesn't help that one day last week while the twins and I were at the park with some other mom friends... while I was taking Olivia to the water fountain, Paul Thomas got into my diaper bag and grabbed my digital camera and dropped it. I'm afraid this was the final drop of all drops... I admit to dropping it myself at least a good 5 or 6 times this past year and the side that had the wrist strap had already completely fallen off months ago... but this drop last week resulted in the camera powering on but never letting the blue "Cannon" screen to ever leave... :(

but on a good note this is Nora's second week of school and she is loving it just as I knew she would ;) and I'm for the first time ever holding a home party at my house this Friday night - TUPPERWARE anyone?? :) LOL I haven't had a party for them in 10 years! gosh I feel old typing that... but I recently went to a show and looking thru thought there was so much I wanted but didn't want to pay full price so I offered to host ;)

I'm hoping on at least 8-10 guests to show up... but so far no word yet.

Oh and I'll leave you with a link to go check out Elaine's Blog-give-away!!! Do you love Civil War fabrics??? You do? Well this is your kinda giveaway! :) You have until Thursday, August 27th to enter and the winner will be announced on Friday, August 28th.

Love from Texas!


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