Monday, August 17, 2009

Youuu Whooooo Anyone home???

oh the memories of calling out Youuuuu WHOoooo everytime I visited my "Momma Newt's" home as a kid ;)

I bet a few of my readers have been wondering the same thing about me too?

Well a week ago my laptop CRASHED again - out of *nowhere*!!! Called Dell and apparently all they could come up with is that either my Operating System is corrupted or my mother board... or both. :/

Either way, I've been without a computer for a week - however thanfully I can use the desk computer - which hasn't been back from getting fixed itself long enough to have the drivers and other techno stuff reinstalled - so I'm not able to download photos to the computer yet :/ boo hoo!

Because I have photos that I can't wait to share with you and also over on the family blog... finished quilt, a block I'm making for charity, a start of a new project, and...

Today was Nora's first day of Kindergarten! :) and she was thrilled! :) and I did a great job I thought on putting on my game face that said "I'm so proud of you but really secretly, deep down inside, my heart is breaking because I feel like this is the beginning of the end for me... that I'm no longer gonna be your #1, your hero, your favorite person in the world, your bestest friend, the one you ask...Momma, how is it you know everything about everything??" Some other little school friends are soon gonna become more important to impress... sooner or later.

gulp. Did I just write all of that out loud? yep I did. No wonder on at least 3 ocasions over the weekend as I've thougth about today I've ended up with tears so big in my eyes that I couldn't see to hem her school uniform jumpers.... Yep, I'm sitting here in *purple puddles* :(

OK. Back to business - where is that dang cable cord thingy that came with the camera? so Maybe I can figure out how to post photos?????? :/ Stay tuned. I'm still sewing and also blogging.... :)

Love from Texas!


  1. Bonnie, you can take photos with your cell phone and email them to yourself and then use them in the blog . . would that work til you get everything fixed?

  2. Oh.....I remember those days...wait until they leave home for good...you will need buckets..

  3. Bittersweet day for sure! And you have to put on that good face for Nora's sake. I am sure you will still be her hero for quite a while.

  4. {{hugs}} It still happens when they leave for college. ;) She will be back with all kinds of exciting stories for you. :-))

  5. It never ends!! Every time they come back and then go, you cry! When my Justin moved to Florida, I cried like my heart was broke, he said "don`t cry Mom, I will be ok"
    I told him, it was me that was not going to be ok. lol
    He came back and is living at home now going to college, and when he leaves again, I will cry again. :)
    And Bonnie, I am going to try the mini 9 patch blocks and if I can do them, I will join your swap. I loved seeing Lois`s. (bluesnail)

  6. Oh the tears on the first day of school...on Mom's face, anyway! Just wait though...they'll probably turn into tears of joy as the years go by. ;)

    It's hard, but there are trade-offs. Particularly when you see them blossoming and growing.

    It's been a lot of years since my kids were that age. Thanks for reminding me of one of those special events in life.

  7. Comment unrelated to "first day of school" but - where did the list of links of recent other people's postings (on right hand side) go? I usually flip on over to many of those - and now they are not there. (Or I'm "blind")

  8. Oh those milestones in the lives of your children. I always thought that when they got older I would not worry so much. WRONG! Now they are middle aged with grandchildren of their own and I have so many more little people to worry for!
    Hope you get up and running soon.
    I have mt blocks all done for the Christmas Delight. Thanks for the fast turnaround with the 4-patches. I used some in my blocks!

  9. Sorry about your camera and computer....

  10. BB hope to see you in Sisters in July. Last year I had to give up my spot and hoping it doesn't happen again.

    Granny Kay


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