Sunday, August 2, 2009

decisions, decisions!

I knew that it wouldn't be a great idea to cut up everything in part 1.... and boy am I ever so glad I listened to myself. I told myself "Wait until I need the red before I cut it!"

Here is what I had picked.... but when laid out with the blocks... the print was too distracting. I really like the shade of red... and tried to find something similar in that color.

Wow, this one would really be a "stashbuster" look at the selvage date "1994" ....and there is enough, over 2 yards... sorta looks like snow falling with the scattered dots. Already prewashed too.....

But then I saw on my shelf this other red (below photo at the top of the pic) - it's leftover fabric that I used as a backing on a string quilt... perfect! But wait.... NOT ENOUGH :(

What else is on the shelf? Hummm... this red tonal with holly leaves printed on it. It seems a bit BRIGHT -is there such a thing as "Royal Red"? If so I think this would qualify.

Hummmm.... what to do? what to do? I really don't want to go shopping - I'd rather get to cutting... but am not in love with either of the 3. Maybe I'll ask David for his opinion? but what does he know? LOL :P
Love from Texas!


  1. I agree, think the first red seems too washed out, maybe? Not quite bright enough. But it just doesn't quite look right. My favorite is the final one with the Holly leaves printed on it. I like a bright red.....
    I'm glad I read your post. I think I'm only going to make up a block or two in order to audition my fabrics just to make sure they still play nice together, before cutting all of my pieces!

  2. I like the bright red best. But then, you saw the shocking coral red I used on mine!!! :)

    I'm sure whichever you choose will look great.



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