Sunday, August 2, 2009

Show-N-Tell starstruck blocks

Every weekend on the HGTV Quilter's Board Holly in South Jersey starts a topic thread for the weekly Show-N-Tell... well since I've already shown you what I've been working on this week in my previous posts... how about I show you what I've worked on tonight?

Since I can't decide on which "RED" to use for the Christmas Lights... and I'm not ready to swap the 4-patches this late tonight... and I'm itching to do something but can't sew on the mystery until I have swapped blocks and also decided on the red.... what is a girl to do?

Pull out an "UFO Project Box" of course! Actually I was in search of another "leaders/enders" to work on ... but to cut up something all new??? Then it dawn on me that I have these blocks I won a couple years back and want to make up some more so I pulled out the pieces and can begin working on these until I'm ready to move on with Christmas Lights... and then can use them in-between blocks.

"Ready, Set, SEW!"

I cant' believe I just stuck these into a baggie after they arrived over 2 years ago! Did I mention lately that I'm loving having a design wall in the sewing room? I can tell that I've become a lot more productive.

Hummmm... Bonnie Hunter shows her Star Struck set as 8 blocks X 10 blocks... so that means I only need about.......humm 80 minus the 29 on the wall and minus another 22 ready to go for leader/enders.... only another 29 after that. ;)

oh and I did cut into one of my reds... after consulting with David to get his opinion. He didn't pick the one I would have but I laid it out on the design wall to see if it will "speak" to me... stay tuned!

EDITED TO ADD: Boy was it fun to take a look back at my previous posts for these blocks - click here to take a walk down memory lane and just LOOK at those teeny tiny twins at the bottom of the page!!!! Boy how fast 2 years has flown by! ;)

Love from Texas!


  1. I LOVE the star struck pattern and yours looks *just like* the original!! I've been thinking of hosting a swap later this fall on the boards, but I couldn't come up with a block. I think I'll have to peruse Bonnie's sight and see what I can come up with.

  2. Sometimes things need to "age" a bit before they perk our interest again. Love what you have going on there - it is coming together very nicely now! Design walls are a great use of space and keeps your project in your eyesight instead of stacked in piles. Yes, the twins sure have grown fast!!! And Nora is as pretty as ever!

  3. Love the Star STruck pattern, I too am working on the Christmas lights, having a hard time finding the right red.


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