Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Smile for the camera.... NOT

As if driver's license photos weren't already unflattering -- now they're even worse!! Apparently Indiana has a new NO SMILING rule..... as in, you can not show any teeth. On a good note, I passed the written exam today and will get my new drivers license in the mail in 10-15 business days. :)
They're one of 20 states participating in a new face recognition program and NO SMILING is allowed.  

The only reason I was in a hurry to go to the DMV was b/c my drivers license expired on my birthday this year 7/26 and I didn't renew in TX b/c we were moving in a few days. Since I drive the kids to school and home 3 trips a day I've been so scared I might get pulled over - ya know out of state plates are so attractive to cops - so I went to go have new one made. That is the first time ever that I've held on to a drivers license long enough for it to expire! I've either married and got a new one for name change, or have moved.... wow.

Love from Indiana!

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  1. Ours is the same way.. no smiles!! and mine is awful!!! mine was 6 months expired by the time i realized that i had to renew, and i was afraid i was gonna have to take a test or something. they said nope, you actually have a year to renew!! who knew!!


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