Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Embarrased to have been away so long

What's that phrase the FlayLady says at the end of her emails...... don't try to get caught up, you're not behind, just jump in where we are! Something like that?? - so I guess I'll give up the hopes of "catching up" and just jump in wehre I am.

Well since my last post of June 30th - we had a great 13 day vacation in Kentucky with family for the 4th of July holiday. :) After we got back the kids had Vacation Bible School week, soccer camp week and finally swim lessons too... in addition to us preparing to MOVE and relocate b/c while we were home for vacation, David received the phone call he'd been waiting for and was offered the job he interviewed for over Father's Day weekend!!!

His new job is in Louisville, KY which is sooo close to our hometown - only 90 miles from our parents!  Instead of driving back to Texas on a Monday after the 4th of July week - we left the twins with Dad & Clara and drove up to take a look at schools and homes to first see if we could see ourselves living in the area.... Nora went along with us and we were able to see 3 Catholic schools.  During the drive up, David's recruiter called with a "FINAL OFFER" and shared that the company had increased their salary offer... and it was $8k more than the amount David was gonna counter offer!!!

We discovered the school and area we liked best was just across the river and in Southern Indiana, so we returned to home to Texas knowing that in just a couple weeks we'd be preparing to be back soon b/c the schools up here started August 10th.

What a whirl wind, and not enough time to tell everyone one last "Good Bye" but we had to get moving to arrive in time for the kids to start first day of school.  Thankfully our relocation company was able to pull off a miracle b/c when we finally got in touch with our coordinator, she called us back the same day and had already found us a driver and packers for that SAME WEEK!  We had been making plans to live on air mattresses and out of suitcases in the new rental home for a few weeks and one of us flying back to Texas to oversee moving... but we were able to do it all that same week and leave!!

My new camera (bought in Jan) broke on our last day there - Nora had asked to use it to take some photos of her friends outside and I let her use it.. I watched from the deck as she took photo after photo... and trying not to cry as I knew she would never get to see these kidos again... then she handed over the camera to Jed to take some with her in the photos... and I didn't see anything happen... but now it doesn't work.  Turn on, zoom.. go to click to take photo and get an error message and it automatically shuts off. :/ Waaah! and my old camera is stuck on video mode (again) and so for our first day of school, all I was able to capture was the kids dressed and ready standing in front of our new home here in Indiana talking about who their teacher's names are...  I'll try to upload to youTube and share here when I can.

I don't know the actual count of boxes - but I know that Lori (the driver's wife) used up a whole roll of 300 stickers and over half of another bigger roll of 500....  We've been here 2 weeks and I think I'm down to the final 100 boxes left to unpack.  The upstairs bedrooms are done.. and most of the kitchen. I think there are still 6 boxes in there... Haven't' started on the den or dining room yet and as far as the quilting room goes... well we are only renting this house for a year so no need in getting too comfy... so I will only unpack my machine, iron, and projects that I'm working on.  The fabric stash can remain stashed until the next home. I think there are as many boxes in the basement bedroom/quilting room as there are in the garage... lol

Well, I better go for now. Lots to do before the weekend...  David's mom and new step-dad are coming for a visit and to bring us an electric dryer to use until our landlord hooks up a gas line in February.  It's also the last weekend of the KY State Fair which is in Louisville, so David's sister and her 2 children are also coming up! It's gonna be a fun weekend!!  ;)

Love from INDIANA!


  1. WOW Bonnie - you have had quite the summer. I hope everyone gets adjusted to the new surroundings soon and you find a new guild..

  2. Good luck to all of you in your new location...new schools....new housing!!!

  3. Congratulations on a successful move! I've missed you. {{hugs}} from WA!

  4. Bonnie - I've tried to comment on this post and then reply to the 2 comments you left for me but they keep bouncing back. Have you updated your new email on your blog??

  5. Wow! What an exciting summer you've had. Congrats to your hubby on the new job and to all of you on your move.

  6. • • • Congratulations Bonnie! I can't imagine moving across country in a week, but we did move across town in two. Although, eight months later I am still unpacking. Good Luck to you and your family.

  7. Congratulations Bonnie on the new job & the new home even though it's temporary it's still home. It's so nice to be close to family.

  8. Wow! Bonnie, I was so surprised to learn that you had moved. Oh, my goodness!! Rest when you can and enjoy the process, these are precious memories that you're making. Love from NC!! :)

  9. Tried to send you an e-mail but they won't go through. Best wishes settling in!

  10. OK, this is weird...I tried replying to the e-mail you sent me and it bounced back. Make sure you have your IT guy take a good look at your e-mail status, as the e-mail I sent you is chock-full of lots of interesting stuff you need to know! ;) When it's fixed I'll resend. :)


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