Thursday, December 1, 2011

Elf on the Shelf

This year we have a little visitor who showed up in the mail box about a week ago.  Anyone heard of "Elf On The Shelf"??

He even has his own website. CLICK HERE to visit and watch a cute clip on his training and getting ready to be Santa's helper.  He even got a haircut and his teeth cleaned before he came to our home!

Not everyone knows about these special Elves.  My friend Cathi and her family have been hosting an Elf for the past few years, but I never knew how to get one to come to our home... until this year!And Boy are we ever so excited that Santa finally sent us one!!!

Can you guess what the kids named him?  I'll give you a hint -- We were not successful in taking a "VOTE" b/c everyone wanted to vote for their own choice... so he has a first, middle and last name. :)

Meet - Charlie "Fuzz" Zig-Zag

I think that each year there are more and more Elves to be Santa's helpers.  Several of my friends on facebook have reported that they now have an Elf on the Shelf this year too!  My niece reported that her's made a parachute landing of their front yard while she and her children watched!!  Doesn't that sound exciting!?

I forget the date exactly but our elf arrived in the mailbox sometime during the week before Thanksgiving and the kids have really enjoyed going on the SEEKING adventure looking for him each morning as soon as they wake up.  The first morning, they traveled room to room, turned on every light in the house!!  Even the laundry room's light in the basement was on when I got up that morning. lol

I didn't actually start taking photos of Charlie until other friends of mine shared photos on facebook of theirs.  Here he is hanging onto the floor lamp in the den.  It was so funny b/c the girls had looked and looked, but it wasn't until Nora went to put on her shoes for school that she found him when she looked up! ;)

Until this morning, our elf has only been sitting in (high) places in the various rooms downstairs. Paul Thomas was excited to see Fuzz sitting in the bathroom window this morning, only he wouldn't use the potty in there but insisted on going downstairs so that Fuzz wouldn't see him!!  lol  

Bath time tonight might get intresting...  I hope we can satisfy the kids using the shower curtain to block Charlie from seeing any naked hinny.

...and take a look at Paul Thomas who was sitting here beside me at my dining room table while I typed on the laptop... "Momma look at me, I'm an Elf on the Shelf that is *not* on the shelf! SEE!!"  :)  I'm happy he stayed still so I could grab the camera :)

Having our Elf sure is making this Christmas season fun!  The kids talk to him several times a day.  The first few nights, Paul Thomas would hurry back downstairs to tell "Fuzz" that he had just made his bed... or brushed his teeth... :)  So cute!

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  1. I've seen the "elf" in a store but with no little ones in the house, I didn't get him. My grandkids are even now probably beyond the age of enjoying time with the elf, but......I'm thinking now that I might like one for MYSELF! LOL Thanks for sharing your adventures with the elf on the shelf in YOUR house!


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