Wednesday, December 14, 2011

tic-tac-toe - magazine update

This very well could be the slowest project ever! ...and sadly, not for any good reason other than after the kids are in bed, it's just more cozy to sit on the sofa with my NOOK rather than go down to the cold basement alone.  Here's a look at my progress so far.  All X's and O's are sewn on.  Can you notice that the X blocks are 1/2" larger.... :(  I guess I'll save those for another set and remake some for this set.  Apparently I wasn't paying close enough attention when cutting!
A couple days ago Andee commented on my design wall post of my tic-tac-toe project and asked what magazine I was working from - here's a photo of the cover for ya :) 
I played around with different stitches before I found one that I really liked to sew the O's onto the squares.  Each game bag will be unique, b/c I'm not going to go back and rip stitches to redo them all the same.
Olivia was playing in the sewing room with me last weekend, and didn't take her but a few seconds to spot my camera beside me.... What is it about kids loving camera so much?  "Say Cheese Momma :)"
As for the templates for the O's circles, I winged it.  Instead of tracing from the magazine their guides, I spotted two circular items that I thought would work well - and they did!  the bigger circle was traced from the monkey tumbler cup, and the inside circle was from the top of this lotion bottle that was just sitting there in the basement window..  I'm sure quilters from the past did this often. :)
I'm not sure why, but I cut my strips to use for making the X's on the bias.  Hoping it won't ravel too much, I guess.  Again not using the pattern in the magazine - but just guestimating and making them 3/4" wide.
In other news, David and the kids have come up with a NEW GAME of their own.  Apparently no one liked the Skittles from the Halloween candy - as there were about 20 individual sized bags left.  Well they have made up their own rules and call it "Skittle Skattle" and have lots of fun each night after supper playing for their dessert.
See the blue plastic plate on the table?  That's the game board.  Before David opens the pack of Skittles, everyone chooses what color they want to be. Some may get more pieces than others - as they are randomly placed in the bags.  

Then he opens them up and spreads them out on the game board.... then the rest is played a lot like marbles.  Each player gets to blow on their own color hoping to make it hit some of the other players... whichever ones his hits - he gets to eat those!  last player left on the board wins.  You are disqualified if you spit when you blow! :P

So far Olivia has been disqualified after her first turn in every game that she's played.  However she doesn't care much - so no big loss. hahahaha.  

On the other hand - Nora and Paul Thomas are pretty competitive!!! But no one has been able to beat Daddy yet!!  And he's always the last to choose his color and the last to take a turn. The kids are so puzzled on how he can end up winning if he's last? lol
Love from Indiana!


  1. What an awesome game and daddy time for the kids. They will cherish that memory always! That makes me smile. I will be making some of the tic tac toe games when I come up for air after Christmas this year!

  2. I wish I'd been there! I like Skittles!!!

    Ah-chooooo...oops. ;-)


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